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Hoggard: It could have gone two ways. It could have been really successful or it could have tanked and everyone could have said, yeah, that was when Jake started producing. So there was a lot of pressure, or at least I put it on myself. . As far as making a spectacle out of my life as artist Even if everybody hated it, I would still say, f you all, I love it. Don worry about it. It just really goes the extra mile as far as encouraging and enforcing in me that confidence to continue doing what I doing.

Converse Ballet Lace White

Hedley's Jacob Hoggard enjoying the 'Wild Life'

Converse Ballet Lace White

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the spirt of the concept of the song, we were like, on, f k, this, let just do whatever the f k we want. I think that would almost be the truest form of expressing the sentimentality of that song in video form. this was purely a selfish act?

Converse Ballet Lace White

Converse Ballet Lace White

Converse Ballet Lace White

The band was recently nominated for four Juno Awards, and you got a fifth as co producer of Anything and (second single) Crazy For You, which will be handed out March 30. What was your reaction to the nods?

Hoggard said, with a hearty chuckle. was naked for myself. And it just so happened to be caught on film. I a fan of naked people, just this mutual put it out into the universe.

Converse Ballet Lace White

just so thrilled with the way we put together the show and we put a lot of thought into it we huge, huge fans of live music, said Hoggard, who added the band is playing more than half of Wild Life the band fifth LP in a set that will run over 90 minutes.

Hoggard: I think we lucky. We been a band for almost ten years now and I don know if we could have done it without each other and I think that it because of each other that we almost didn do it.

it also kind of turns you into a bit of sociopath in that you able to detach yourself in that moment to this third person observation perspective.

Hoggard: Any band worth it weight has got to have some characters in it that are creative and assertive But we been really lucky to not just survive but abide each other and use our strengths to all of our advantages and keep each other accountable and I think it because of each other that we all been able to sort of maintain moderately normal lives. We able to go through life together and members of the band go, bought a house, or I having a kid, and it like cool, we really growing up together, and we just lucky to go through that process. Just for the record that was not me either of those times, any of those crazy things, I a gypsy and I don really think that those are really the right things to do in life. It sort of dark and it kind of funny and it almost so extreme that you can just laugh it off you like, that really f And there like these super darker elements, pathways of it where you getting to this like, I having a really hard experience in my Converse Ballet Lace White life. Oh, I could have a song about this. And someone in front of you and they crying their eyes out and you like, she said something, I should probably write that down. For as much as it tunes you in on an emotionally sensitive level, I think Converse Shoes For Kids High Cut

What do you mean?

Hoggard: I think when you start off super early, the odds of being a normal person are very slim. And that just the industry, it doesn apply to particularly Justin own personal thing. I just think it really difficult for young kids before they even go through puberty, that enter into this sort of like superficial, unrealistic world of stardom to kind of develop with any real grasp on life. And I think that maybe indicative of his behaviour now. But I also not very keen on using my brain power to psychoanalyze such trivial matters.

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sees you having a hand in producing for the first time. Was that a scary proposition?

Hoggard: For me it kind of a shock every time. Just because I know we been nominated before but I also aware that there a lot of pretty remarkable artists and musicians out there, some pretty notable talent that really deserve the recognition and I think for us to just be physically recognized and grouped into that talent pool is such an honour.

Converse Ballet Lace White

Converse Ballet Lace White

Converse Ballet Lace White

Does being in a band help?

Converse Ballet Lace White

had the potential to go in a very heartfelt across America kind of way, Hoggard said of the new track, which has become the fastest selling in the Vancouver pop band career.

You competing against Justin Bieber, among others, in the Juno Fan Choice category. What do you make of his recent woes?

When it comes to dropping his drawers, Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard says getting naked for his band Anything video was an easy choice.

Converse Ballet Lace White

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