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Here's what they had to say:

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Deborah Gihawi (Lab, Mile Cross)

Alison Thomas (Cons, cabinet member at time contract was agreed, Lonmg Stratton)

"But at this stage I would say I am strongly in the anti incinerator camp , and unless some hidden information or figures rear there head on Monday I shall vote against the incinerator.

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can assure you that I and all my UKIP colleagues will be voting to scrap the incinerator contract, as we promised in our election manifesto last year.

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Lynn incinerator debate

"You will just have to wait and see."

Brian John Hannah (LibDem, Sheringham)

Rex Parkinson Hare (UKIP, Yarmouth Nelson and Southtown)

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Bill Borrett (Cons, leader of Conservative group, Elmham and Mattishall Division)

"On the basis of the officers' reports and the continuing reluctance of Eric Pickles to release the outcome of the planning inquiry we have no choice but to vote as per the recommendation. Costly though."

"As you are aware we in UKIP are not whipped our gracious leader Toby Coke does not tell us which way to vote. I Converse High Tops Australia Cheap

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"I personally think its rather rude of you to ask, you will see on Monday which way I will vote, but I will say that my mind had been made up weeks ago and I don't intend to change it. Please remember that as a Liberal Democrat I am not whipped as some political members will be, I will make my own judgement when voting."

"We have been mocked as fruit cakes etc but look what great work we UKIP councillors have done."

"I have always been against the building of the Kings Lynn incinerator and I shall vote, on Monday, to terminate the contract."

"If you look at the voting history, you will see that I have always opposed the burner."

Paul Gilmour (UKIP, Dereham South)

Margaret Somerville (Cons, shadow cabinet member for waste, Clavering)

Jonathon Childs (UKIP, East Fleggs)

"We at UKIP have consistently argued that the incinerator contract was poor value for money and unpopular with the majority of people in Norfolk who would have to pay for it. We are delighted that finally common sense has prevailed and I Converse For Girls

"The art of democracy is to listen to the debate and formulate your opinion on the day , not go in pre judgemental , the officers have indicated that we should reject the incinerator I have not seen all the new data

Tim East (LibDem, Costessey)

"My vote is to bin the burner."

"Due to my commitments (and reading required ) on adoption panel and fire and rescue scrutiny today and tomorrow I have not had a chance to read the council papers in depth. Therefore as I wish to ensure my decision is an informed one I have not made up my mind yet."

"We will continue to investigate cleaner, more efficient and economical means of dealing with Norfolk's waste."

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"Thank you for your email. You will be able to see how I vote on monday at the meeting."

"Great credit must be give to our leader Toby Converse Grey Low for his un flinching work on his any I campaign and I do trust the papers report such valiant efforts.

Mick Castle (Lab, cabinet member for schools, Yarmouth North and Central)

like most of the UKIP councillors have worked tirelessly to stop the incinerator, much research and reading has gone into this, but I don't ever go into a debate with a 100pc view on which way to vote unless it's one of my motions

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Has your Norfolk county councillor revealed how they'll vote in Monday's King's Converse Shoes For Women High Tops

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