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Converse Knee High Boots

Hearts for Healthcare chair Greg Sylvestre thanked the sponsors of the event.

Converse Knee High Boots

He also said that donations like these will help the organization reach its goal of eventually raising $2 million for healthcare needs within the region.

Converse Knee High Boots

"As our community grows our hospital needs to grow."

Sylvestre later compared the healthcare situation in Cold Lake to the city's infrastructure deficit.

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Converse Knee High Boots

Converse Knee High Boots

Cakes made by Cold Lake Health Care Centre's Dr. Siegfreidt Heydenrych and other Hearts for Healthcare members were auctioned off, with each of the handful of cakes going for hundreds of dollars each.

This year, Judy Merryweather received the Award of Nursing Excellence.

Converse Knee High Boots

Converse Knee High Boots

This $80,000 donation will go towards providing four emergency room monitors.

Converse Knee High Boots

around the Lakeland easily pushed the giving over $100,000.

The galas have also honoured local medical professionals for their service.

Sylvestre said that just as Mayor Craig Copeland was working to end the situation, his organization was attempting to reach a similar goal with healthcare.

Hearts for Hospital gala raises over

bring in was available as of press time, donations from a number of companies, organizations, and individuals Converse Blue Leather Shoes

The gala is a major source of revenue for Hearts for Healthcare, which aims to retain doctors in the Lakeland and help provide for new medical equipment as well.

The band Mid Life Crisis provided the nights entertainment.

He said that thanks to donations such as those, the event helped provide the Cold Lake Healthcare Centre the "best in class radiology."

Over 600 Lakelanders bought tickets to the Converse Knee High Boots third iteration of the annual event, according to Hearts Executive Director Teresa Converse Shoes New

Converse Knee High Boots

While no total of what the event would Converse No Laces Kids

The Hearts for Hospital gala, which took place on May 5 in a packed Energy Centre Field House, is expected to raise over $100,000 towards the organization.

A sizeable donation came from Husky Energy, who donated $80,000 to the purchase of new monitoring equipment for the Cold Lake Healthcare Centre.

The Hearts for Healthcare organization held its major annual fundraising gala last week.

Past galas have raised hundreds of thousands for the organization.

Local companies and individuals donated items for auction, including a trip to Las Vegas and a playhouse big enough to fit an average sized adult.

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