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Local representatives such as Joe Malone, say that the alternative to illegal drugs sold at head shops are no better than the real thing and will ultimately lead youngsters on to the deal in the future anyway.

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Head shop owners are adamant that they are serving a purpose and in doing so are saving thousands of youngsters from turning to the stronger and more addictive drugs.

first and foremost are the products safe for human consumption and if not should they Converse Classic White be legal?

tackle the issue in real terms by coordinating a government response to legality of head shops.

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The issue surrounding the legality of so called head shops has being raised once again this week at a seminar in Mullingar, by minister with responsibility for drugs John Curran. Mr Curran said that he is now going to Converse Men White

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If they are safe, even so, would the industry not be better if it were regulated there are far less questionable industries that are regulated by law and maybe regulation would offer some peace of mind to parents and youngsters who are taking the drugs.

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This month alone there has been a death related to heroin in Kilkenny bringing the issue of drug misuse very close to our own doorsteps. Any substance which could lead to the use of killer drugs such as cocaine or heroin should he illegal in my book, however, every person is different and we are blessed to have a democratic society with the right to free speech.

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Have your say about the presence of head shops in Kilkenny

There are two head shops in Kilkenny that sell legal drugs and paraphernalia related to drug taking, including bongs, pipes, rollies and much more.

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These shops have been the recipients of much negative media attention in recent times. The debate surrounds whether or not they should be made illegal at most or regulated at least. Also are the legal drugs sold in the shops the lesser of two evils and therefore better than the alternatives of stronger and illegal drugs such as cannabis and ecstasy?

The issues that need to be confronted in relation to head shops include legality Converse One Star On Feet

react to your body until you take them.

Are herbal and synthetic legal drugs a safe for your youngster? Who knows these drugs are not tested as such and therefore as with illegal drugs it is hard to know how they are going to Converse No Laces Womens

They categorically deny that the sale or use of any illegal substances such as cannabis takes place from the premises from which they trade.

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