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care services.

In order to do that, the NDP will implement an additional 1,400 long term care beds across the province to help those who need care until they are well enough to go home, Ross said.

In addition, he said hospitals are also high energy users for equipment and cutting the costs of energy would save hospitals money to spend elsewhere.

we need, and we propose, is a diversified strategy for the different needs of people and families in Ontario, said NDP candidate Celia Ross.

The move is one that will help seniors and the elderly stay in their homes longer by giving them the supports they need, he said.

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The candidates of the three main political parties all say health care services, especially for seniors, is a priority and a concern during their day to day canvassing.

The average age of Northern Ontario's population isn't getting any younger.

Sault Ste. Marie we have a lot of families caring for their elderly family members. There are lots of multi generational home and our platform is designed to help them out, she said.

Health care critical for Sault in election

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Progressive Conservative candidate Rod Fremlin said health care in Ontario needs to be improved.

seniors have paid their dues and now we need to protect them, he said. Converse Low Tops White speak for myself but we need to hire more front line nurses and doctors. We have a huge hospital to service people and we need to fill it up with the services. NDP's platform also includes a promise to reduce waiting times in hospital emergency rooms by implementing nurse practitioners in the ER teams.

The NDP have promised an annual Caregiver Tax Credit of $1,275 for each dependent, up to three, to help families look after aging parents.

She said her party's plan will see two nurse practitioners as part of each ER team that would cut the waiting time in half. That would make a really big difference for people who are not feeling well and won't have to sit in a waiting room as long. said that over the past decade in office, the Liberals dealt with health care issues by way of priority and the first priority was to address the critical doctor shortage and aging hospital infrastructure.

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a service that needs to be there for those that need it and the Liberals haven't got that waiting time down, she said. NDP plan is to respond to the real needs of seniors as they face increased health challenges and still want to stay in their homes. said the Liberals also believe Converse Low Tops Women

Health care and senior services are a main concern to constituents in Sault Ste. Marie and party platforms for the upcoming June 12 election include promises of improved health care services.

The aging population often means a change in services and requirements for the aging and the elderly and the provincial government is called upon to fund health Converse Green Label

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to increase the $270 million home care service budget to $750 million in Ontario over the next two years.

still don't have enough doctors. I know numerous people without family doctors and I'm one of them. Mine retired some time ago and I still don't have another doctor, Fremlin said.

Since 2003, Saultities have been able to access primary health care providers and receive services including radiation therapy at a new local hospital, he said.

people that provide these services are very committed to their work and we believe they are receiving very modest wages and an increase is the right thing to do, Orazietti said.

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The NDP's plan is to provide long term care on a short term basis to individuals who can be discharged from hospital but have no family supports, as a stepping stone to discharge.

Fremlin said that for the province to get back on track, downloading from the federal government has to stop.

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She said there are seniors who are able to live on their own and only require some services, others who have family aiding in the care and others yet who need multiple services in long term care facilities. All need to be accommodated.

And the demographics in Sault Ste. Marie follow closely with the trends of other Northern communities.

in the importance of personal support workers and have pledged to increase their salaries 30% for those providing home care services.

patients are triaged they can be diverted to nurse practitioners for lower levels of care and that would relieve some of the pressure on the doctors, Ross said.

want to be in their homes as long as possible. They're more comfortable there and it certainly costs less than keeping them in a hospital when they don't need to be there, Orazietti said.

fully refundable and not income taxed so it really makes a difference, Ross said. recognize the huge contributions that families make and 70 % of health care is spent by family member's care. comparison, the Liberals have promised Converse Girls Shoes

To Ross and the New Democrat platform, health care means different things to different people.

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Converse Low Tops White

Ross said that while it is important to try to keep seniors in the comfort of their own home, it's equally important to New Democrats that Ontarians have supports they need when they are discharged from hospitals.

a transition through the system, gradually, she said. don't often check out whether there is the available care at home for those who are discharged. This is a stepping stone. addition, Ross said the NDP are proposing a maximum five day waiting time for home care.

have dealt with the highest, most urgent priorities and invested in health care to start that transformation, Orazietti said. now want to build the supports in the community to continue with that transformation. said that under the Liberal's, 5,000 new doctors are practicing in Ontario and waiting lists for primary care providers have been reduced as a result of more medical student graduates and new nurse practitioner clinics.

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