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Miami is 12 3 in these playoffs, 8 0 at home, and has won a road game in 15 straight postseason series. The Heat will need to extend that streak Converse Dainty Blue

It'll Converse Fashion Shoes get brought up now. The seed the Heat coach planted in the Bahamas at that training camp took root. The Heat are Finals bound for the fourth straight time.

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"How tough it actually is and how many things have to go our way," Spoelstra continued. "Four times, you guys who haven't been here with us the whole time, you guys inherit everything that we've experienced."

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Converse Fashion Shoes

"No way," James interjected.

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Converse Fashion Shoes

Spoelstra spoke of that luck factor when he gathered his team for a locker room huddle moments after the celebration started Friday night, after Miami wrapped up its fourth straight East crown with a 117 92 win over Indiana to win the series in six games. His words were interrupted twice by LeBron James, which nobody minded.

accomplishment and it speaks volumes to the dedication, luck, and perseverance that you need to do it."

"What I was really encouraged about was our attendance and commitment in training camp in the Bahamas," Spoelstra said. "Right from there, and we communicated during the summer that, if we're real about this, about how difficult that journey is, that you cannot shortcut, that we would show it immediately in training camp."

Heat set the tone for NBA Finals in training camp

They're still showing it now.

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Only six current Heat players appeared in the 2011 postseason, Miami's first of the "Big 3" era and the last in which it actually lost a series. James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, James Jones and Udonis Haslem are the last holdovers.

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"It's amazing to make it to one Finals," Heat forward Shane Battier said. "To do it four times in a row for some of these guys, it's a tremendous, tremendous Converse Red Shoes

Antonio or Oklahoma City.

Even with all that talent, with that championship experience, Spoelstra knew a tone had to be immediately set when the season began.

The sputtering stretches of play in March and April, surrendering the top seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs to Indiana, winning 12 fewer games in this regular season than a year ago, they all seem moot and meaningless now. The Heat have a chance at a third consecutive NBA title, with the Finals starting Thursday night against either San Converse Jack Purcell Leather High Top

"No, sir," James added, nodding.

"We've never brought it up since then," Spoelstra said.

Battier and Norris Cole arrived after the 2011 Finals loss. Ray Allen, Chris Andersen and Rashard Lewis all playing huge roles these days for Miami came after the first title run of this Heat era in 2012. The core of last season's title squad, with the exception of amnestied Mike Miller, was back to try it again this time around.

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to win the NBA Finals; either the Spurs or the Thunder will hold home court advantage when the title series gets underway.

"We do not take it for granted," Spoelstra repeated.

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Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) leads the cheers during Friday's win over Indiana, which moved the Heat into the NBA finals for the fourth straight year,Lynne SladkyBack in September, when the Miami Heat assembled to begin training camp, Spoelstra addressed his team about furthering its championship legacy and how rare it is for a team to find its way to the NBA Finals in four consecutive seasons.

"We don't take this for granted," Spoelstra said.

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