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Not surprisingly Johnson said that teams and coaches aren't pleased with the number of penalties so far this year.

Sports have also shown tough standards at the beginning of a season may eventually tail off. Johnson said he doesn't feel that's the case this time around; it's just players getting used to how the game is called.

"I would say they're mildly unhappy," he said. "We work hard every week with the clubs. There's a lot of coaches in the league that I talk to every single week and they say we need to reduce the number of penalties."

Through three weeks of play there have been nearly 300 calls made so far, including 110 last week alone. It showed during the Winnipeg Blue Bombers match with the Montreal Alouettes when it took nearly two hours just to play the first half.

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"They are definitely more than we'd like to see," the league's Vice President, officiating Glen Johnson told the Green Zone on Tuesday. "I'm a little surprised they're as high as they are."

Converse Uk Office

The flags are flying more often early in this CFL season.

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Johnson does admit there's a learning curve happening on his end too with some new officials coming into the league this year.

Converse Uk Office

Converse Uk Office

Johnson adds there's definitely a shared responsibility with the players as well; while some of the calls aren't warranted, some are.

"I think we try to maintain a standard all the season," said Converse Shoes For Girls High Tops

"Sometimes they send me a play that shows my guy making a mistake and I used that to coach my guy up," he said. "Sometimes I send them a play and say if you can get this player to change his behaviour a little bit Converse Womens Slip On

Converse Uk Office

Converse Uk Office

Before the season began, Johnson made a Converse Uk Office league wide tour to all of the teams to discuss the new standard this season. During those meetings Johnson was clear they would be focusing on player safety and respect among players this season.

Converse Uk Office

"Maybe a little new guy in town and guys are making sure they're working hard to meet those standards," said Johnson.

season due to new players in the league getting used to the standard. This season sees the added challenge of a new team as well.

Johnson. "My 25 years in the league now, this a pattern that just happens. Typically by about Labour Day, you see the number of penalties drop week to week and by the time we get to the playoffs and the Grey Cup playoffs, penalties are nearly non existent."

head referee surprised by number of penalties so far

Converse Uk Office

Converse Uk Office

Johnson pointed out that history shows there are often more penalties to start the Converse White Shoes For Men

we'll have less penalties."

Converse Uk Office

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