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Converse White Leather Low Tops

"I'm lucky I was so strong back then," Ms Rizzotto said. "I can understand how people can get sucked into it, particularly if they have problems."

Family Services Illawarra strongly recommends Ms Rizzotto be moved as a matter of priority.

In December, the hallway was so putrid, the railing had blood smears and the stairs were caked with cockroach faeces and also what appeared to be dog faeces.

She is also too scared to venture outside at night and regardless of how hot it is, she will not open her windows after sunset.

Regardless of how hot it is, the young mum will not open her windows after sunset.

"I just feel like no one is listening," she said. "That no one cares about Converse Baby Shoes Template

February 2013 a year on, she's still trapped in hell.

The Housing Appeals Committee accepted a counsellor's report that Ms Rizzotto is suffering from anxiety and stress, but Housing NSW said it needed a report from a medical practitioner.

exposing the filth, it took Housing NSW four weeks to clean it up and then cleaners three days to clear away the grime.

'Why can't they see this is no place for children to live?'

In the hallway, outside her front door, is a steady stream of seedy characters, many of them high on drugs and out of control. In the beginning, Ms Rizzotto was constantly offered free drugs from her neighbours. But after three months of trying to push drugs on her, they finally got the message to leave her alone.

It was her biggest mistake.

Converse White Leather Low Tops

Psychologist outraged at living arrangement

Converse White Leather Low Tops

Converse White Leather Low Tops

For the 23 year old, it was a crushing blow.

With a baby to take care of, the then 21 year old was desperate for a place to live and so with rose coloured glasses, she immediately accepted the unit the first property she had been shown by Housing NSW.

Used syringes under a window near Hollie Rizzotto's front door pictured in December.

Converse White Leather Low Tops

There are rises and troughs in crime depending on who lives there and who gets out of jail. Sometimes it's quiet in the ghetto and sometimes it's so bad, it's like living in the middle of a violent television drama.

She replied she had already handed in a report by her counsellor and she had another appointment booked for April. There was no advice on that day, she said, about gaining any document from her doctor.

A letter to Ms Rizzotto stated that during a scheduled client service visit to her unit on February 28, she was asked to provide the document.

Over time, Ms Rizzotto's mental health Converse White Leather Low Tops has deteriorated and she now spends much of the week, with her daughter, inside the tiny unit.

Converse White Leather Low Tops

Converse White Leather Low Tops

The Department of Housing has repeatedly knocked back a Warrawong mum's desperate pleas to be moved out of a dangerous unit complex littered with junkies, prostitutes and violent criminals. Despite the Housing Appeals Committee ruling that the mother and child should be moved out of the Warrawong complex, the department has once again rejected her application.

me and my daughter. I cry myself to sleep at night. How bad does it have to get here? Why can't they see this is no place for children to live?"

After the Housing Appeals Committee recommended her transfer out of her Todd Street, Warrawong unit in February, Housing NSW has for the third time refused the move.

In January, the Mercury recorded a handful of brawls, in February, witnessed a drug deal taking place in broad daylight and earlier this week, filmed two men shooting up in the front seat of a car, in clear view of units where children are living.

Ms Rizzotto has witnessed scantily dressed prostitutes urinate in the hallway, a man shoot up drugs into his neck and countless used syringes. She has to carry her daughter in and out of the complex because of the filth on the stairwell and fears she will one day step on a needle.

After a Mercury story Converse Jack Purcell Timeline

But Ms Rizzotto said there was no scheduled visit. She claimed that her caseworker knocked on her door unannounced and asked if she had a medical report.

hell living with junkies

Converse White Leather Low Tops

Police with batons and dogs break down doors, sheriffs evict residents for not paying their rent, junkies bang on doors and scream abuse and death threats.

On a landing outside a window were discarded needles and other drug paraphernalia.

When she signed the lease in 2012, she had no idea she was walking into a drug haven. Housing NSW pointed out the freshly painted walls, new kitchen and carpet but was silent about the drug dens, the prostitutes, the domestic violence.

Converse White Leather Low Tops

Ms Rizzotto was first declined a transfer in Converse Knitted Slippers

Converse White Leather Low Tops

Converse White Leather Low Tops

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