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The presentation in Armitage, near Rugeley, was a chance for villagers to find out the hard realities of what life might be like living beside the controversial 42.6bn high speed line.

close to the canals and crosses many of the roads I use as a long distance runner which will affect my enjoyment, and I run between 40 60 miles a week." The

Donovan Artz finds out more about predicted noise levelsThe latest consultations got under way last month.

Mr Port, a 64 year old refrigerator engineer, had been planning to retire soon and sell up. "We're very upset. We bought the house eight years ago as an investment with a view to selling it after I retire Converse Low Tops Grey

Harsh realities of living with HS2 become clear Express Star

had mixed feelings about the scheme.

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The line will cut through many miles of Staffordshire countryside, affecting villages including Great Haywood, Ingestre, Marston, and Swynnerton as it passes from Lichfield, Converse Leather White Womens past Stafford and up towards Stone on its way to Manchester.

"Property has always been one of the safest investments but it hasn't worked out that way."

Four sound booths gave visitors an impression of predicted noise levels at various distances from the line.

"On a general level, I'm against the cost and environmental impact of the scheme.

IT consultant Donovan Artz, of Handsacre, Converse High Tops Black And Red

"The sound booths are a joke you can hear the birds more than the train."

Converse Leather White Womens

Converse Leather White Womens

Converse Leather White Womens

Businesswoman Julia Allsopp, 42, of Bromley Hayes, Riley Hill, objects to the project on several fronts.

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"I acknowledge that we need to do something about the infrastructure in this country and move the economy on but I also understand people's concerns about the project.

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Phase Two will have huge consequences for Jill and Dale Port whose home at Far End Cottage, Kings Bromley, is just 150 metres from the proposed route.

"It was very depressing when we found out about the route in January."

"But I also have personal objections as my home is really close to where the line is due to go.

Wife Jill, 51, said: "It's the uncertainty.

Converse Leather White Womens

Converse Leather White Womens

next year and downsizing to become mortgage free but this will affect the market value of our property and we won't be able to do that anymore," he said.

"Personally the route is Converse For Men 2018

Converse Leather White Womens

Converse Leather White Womens

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