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the driveway snow on a small tractor fitted with a snow blower. He ran the controls while Weatherall acted as his eyes.

Springer always held a distant but steady hope that some day he might see again. His blindness was like being enveloped in grey, not black. That gave him a better chance of seeing again, someone once told him.

"For us it was like, man, this would be what it was like in biblical times Converse Chucks Slip On of seeing these things occur. So we were very excited for him."

should have been wrong with Springer's vision.

He was blind and now he sees

Then as abruptly as his sight was lost it came back. Springer opened his eyes the morning of April 12 and discovered he could see.

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Springer spent four days in Owen Sound hospital, where medical staff were "baffled." He said one doubting doctor even pretended to punch his face, figuring he'd flinch if he was faking.

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"Well I thought I was dreaming," he said, eyes beaming as he laughed with joy.

"It is so scary not to be able to see. Its just unbelievable. People have no idea," Springer said from his living room chair in a converted schoolhouse just north of Owen Sound.

He began practising with a cane in the Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre, assisted by a Canadian National Institute for the Blind trainer every other week for a couple of months.

Pastor Paul Lapsley recalls arriving at The People Church in Shallow Lake to a swirl of excitement the day Springer walked in and could see.

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In a matter of months, Springer even walked solo along Keppel Sideroad 10 near his home. "The cane was my eyes. The cane, so it was."

He laughed out loud triumphantly telling that. "It worked good. It got me out and it got me doing something. It made me feel good to do it."

Other times they prayed for him and others who needed help who were invited to the front.

A Red Cross support worker visited his home twice weekly to make him lunch, do light housekeeping and ensure he bathed.

Weatherall, a personal support worker, said it was a stressful, shocking time.

took it I have no idea. It was some kind of a message he was trying to give me, I believe."

Owen Sound sent him on to a neurological ophthalmologist at University Hospital in London, Ont. Tests there found nothing Converse Grey Mens

"Why He Women Converse High Tops

CNIB regional supervisor Jennifer Urosevic said she can't recall hearing of a case like Springer's in her 13 years there. They share his joy too, she said.

Lorraine Weatherall, his landlady for the past 11 years though they've known each other 20 years, became Springer's guardian angel.

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Springer also started going to church again. Sometimes people walked over, put a hand on his shoulder and prayed for him where he sat.

"Faith is what really kept me going. I'm not a real religious person. But I do believe in a higher power and I believe that He took it," he said of his sight.

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Filled with disappointment and a bit of anger over why this happened to him, Springer stoically faced the reality of a lifetime of sightlessness and lost independence.

Undaunted, Springer even continued to clear out Converse Shoes Silver

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She set up the kitchen to make it easier for him and organized meals for him to cook. Eventually, he grew comfortable using the oven and microwave to prepare meals.

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Converse Chucks Slip On

Converse Chucks Slip On

He told Weatherall, who'd shared his stress and strain and accompanied him on medical appointments and to church. "Oh yeah, sure,'" she recalled saying. Only when he started reading words that were crawling across the television screen did she believe him.

Springer also walked every day by himself in the backyard, while traffic along Hwy. 6 sped past just steps from the front door.

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