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The stage's proscenium arch will be raised from 15 to 18 feet. That improvement should improve sound quality and give theatre groups more options with their productions.

Hayes unveils theatre funding

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Sault Ste. Marie MP Bryan Hayes announced the financial help at the theatre Friday morning. The federal government's Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund and the public board are each contributing $374,891 to the project.

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also gives the people that do work in the theatre more flexibility in the styles of shows they might do. expects the theatre will have the same number of seats, but the middle aisles will be gone. Theatre goers will get to their seats from the north and south ends. There'll be more legroom for patrons, who'll no longer have to stand to make room for passing audience members, said Cooper.

opening has got the wrong ratios, said Brian Wilson, past president of KCTC.

The theatre's duct work will be replaced, eliminating a constant hum during performances. The foyer, which is part of White Pines Collegiate and Vocational School, will be revamped make it look like a theatre lobby, Cooper told reporters. That work will be overseen by Richard Smerton, a theatre consultant who helped with the centre's original design.

audience will feel like they are entering into the best theatre in Ontario. there's any cash left after those projects are completed, the theatre board wants to erect a marquee.

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Converse Shoes Black Leather

Algoma Fall Festival opens its 41st season in early October. It could be the first group to stage a show at KCTC after the improvements are done.

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nice to be able to make improvements in what the audience is experiencing, said Barber.

(Big Point Road rehabilitation, $58,041), Laird (revamp Laird Hall, $5,500, Bar River Hall renovation, $5,000), MacDonald, Meredith and Aberdeen Additional (improvements to Echo Bay community hall, $12,136), Plummer Additional (rehabilitation of Bruce Mines Centennial Centre's heating system, $11,000, replacement of works' garage overhead furnace, $3,000), Prince (upgrades to community hall, museum, council chambers, $7,415), St. Joseph (renovations to Old Town Hall, $61,000), Tarbutt and Tarbutt Additional (upgrades to Tarbutt Township Fire Hall, $754, and community centre, $2,101, and municipal office and public works garage, $411).

it is. Barber, one of the founders of White Pines' integrated arts and culture program, and director and music director for shows staged by several groups including White Pines Onstage, Musical Comedy Guild and Sault Theatre Workshop, says the raised arch helps audiences and groups. Theatre companies can now build bigger sets.

The theatre is one of 15 sites to get federal help on Friday. Others are Algoma Highlands Conservancy (improvements to Norm's Cabin ecotourism destination, $100,000), Bruce Mines (replacement of water treatment back up power generator, $61,050), Hilton Converse Shoes Ladies Australia

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Laminate is coming off the wood. Springs are starting to fail. Seats that are especially worse for wear are exchanged with seats in the two galleries where fewer people sit. KCTC typically plays host to 25,000 people annually.

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Kiwanis Community Theatre Centre is getting a major overhaul with about $750,000 in funding from the federal government and Algoma District School Board.

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lot of the hardware on the Converse Shoes Black Leather seats has worn out so it keeps (technical director) Greg (Marshall) busy just maintaining the seats, said Cooper following the announcement.

the new restructured lobby the Converse Shoes High

arts community is very happy with this (investment) as we know the comfort of our audience is very important to the enjoyment of the event, said Sandra Houston, executive director of Arts Council of Sault Ste. Marie and District.

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