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Steve Marcotte, the healthcare centre's manager, told an Oct. 27 meeting of the Hearts for Healthcare board that the system, made by Phillips Intellivue, is upgradeable and expandable and represents the best technology available.

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Heydenrych has said that the hospital has a wish list that would cost about $4 million to buy. He said none of the items on the list would be considered a "luxury," but would allow the hospital to move past providing a "basic service."

Hearts for Healthcare buys new bedside monitors

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"Let's say someone has atypical chest pain, but investigations show it's not a heart attack," Heydenrych explained. "You're going to keep that patient for two to four hours. Now you know, in the interim, that the patient is properly monitored and Converse White that frees up hands."

"There is a great need for improvement on the system," the Cold Lake Healthcare Centre's Converse Rose Gold Low

will allow hospital staff to keep an eye on patients' vital signs from a central location, freeing up staff from having to monitor each patient in person. Hearts for Healthcare approved the purchase of four bedside monitors and one central monitor for just over $86,000 late last month.

"We're now in a position to start helping at the facility," Sylvestre said. "This first improvement should alleviate stress on the nurses and give them the tools they need to make their job easier to manage."

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The monitors Converse White Shoes

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Hearts for Healthcare recently set itself the goal of raising a $2 million fund to help improve the state of the healthcare centre. It currently maintains a $120,000 fund to aid in the recruitment of doctors.

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Chief of Staff, Dr. Siegfriedt Heydenrych said in a Hearts for Healthcare press release. "It's being done at the moment, with the equipment we have, but this is going to improve safety a lot, and I support that 100 per cent."

In the meantime, the heart rate monitors once installed will allow for the staff at the facility to get more done with the resources they have.

"This gracious donation from the Hearts for Healthcare and the residents of the city of Cold Lake will allow the Cold Lake Healthcare Centre a higher level of cardiac monitoring that will keep critical emergency patients' vital signs and cardiac rhythm visible to staff and physicians at all times," he said in an email, adding that the new technology will also improve record keeping for patients admitted with chest pains.

staff provide more efficient care to patients.

Hearts for Healhcare has approved the purchase of new heart monitors for the Cold Lake Healthcare Centre that will help the centre's Womens Converse Dainty Navy

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Sylvestre added that the two functions often go hand in hand, as a well equipped facility is more likely to bring doctors to the area and keep them working here.

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