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Haywood High Principal Accused of Anti

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"She said you'd be put in alternative school, or expelled for an uncertain amount of days," said Mulherin.

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wrong because this is a public school," stated Crawford.

Hours after the ACLU sent a letter to the Haywood County School superintendent, word surfaced around Brownsville that Bond had left her post as principal.

The Associated Press reported that Dorothy Bond had resigned as principal at Haywood County High School on Friday. Our calls to the district and their attorney went unreturned.

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Hunter Mulherin and Brent Crawford, who are students at Haywood High School, said they received a text message Thursday afternoon, saying their principal had resigned.

"That she did not like pregnant people and if you were pregnant, that your life was over, she did say that, and she did not like homosexuals," said high school student, Brent Crawford.

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"About a week or so ago we had a meeting and Principal Bond, Converse Sale Womens Size 5

"She didn't like PDA in school, not just for gay people but regular boy girl relationships," added Mulherin.

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The principal of Haywood High School, who is accused of making disparaging remarks about gay and pregnant students during a school wide assembly, not only got the attention of the ACLU but reportedly resigned amid the controversy.

high school classmates said what the Haywood High School principal said to them and their fellow students was very controversial.

"Resigning, um, I guess that's probably the best choice for her right now," said Tamera Crawford.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee responded to what it called discriminatory remarks by principal, Dorothy Bond. Sending a letter to the superintendent on Thursday calling for action on behalf of several students and families.

Crawford's mother said she was shocked to find out her son's high school principal had voiced her opinion like that. "Nobody wishes their teen pregnancy or anything like that but if that happens your life is not over," said Tamera Crawford.

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Crawford said his homosexual and pregnant classmates were understandably upset about being singled out and publicly chastised.

it was a class meeting and then it turned into her talking about pregnancy and PDA [public displays of affection] and stuff like that," said Haywood High Converse Purple School student, Hunter Mulherin.

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