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"I think if the prosecutors were bringing applications that weren't well grounded, the courts would be making that very clear and would be dismissing them out of hand," said Zerr.

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The numbers come from the 2012 Corrections and Conditional Release Statistical Overview.

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Benjamin claims officials in Saskatchewan are casting a wider net than was originally intended in dangerous offender legislation.

has highest rate of dangerous offenders per capita

"There's a range of concerns," said Benjamin. "We hear about dangerous offender designations. I Converse Low Top All Black had always thought that this was something reserved for the very worst criminals in Canada."

convicted of a crime. If you only count prisoners who have been sentenced for their crimes, Saskatchewan's rate is well above that. Compare Saskatchewan's 124 to Manitoba's 76 per 100,000.

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meaning they haven't been Converse White Shoes Low Cut

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Since 1977 there have been 135 long term or dangerous offender designation applications. Zerr says all but one of those were granted by the courts.

"Out of sight and out of mind," says Craig Benjamin, a campaigner with the organization.

"We were concerned there simply weren't enough safeguards, or checks or balances in place. And the response that we got was not very satisfactory," said Benjamin.

He says the organization received assurances from the government that it was applying the law properly.

Krista Zerr, director of the high risk offender unit for Public Prosecutions, says it's precisely because of those high rates, that the number of dangerous offender designations Saskatchewan has makes sense.

Amnesty International raised its concerns with the Ministry of Justice in a letter at the end of last summer.

According to Statistics Canada, Manitoba has the highest incarceration rate in all of Canada, with Saskatchewan a close second. However, many of those prisoners in Manitoba are on remand, Converse High Cut Fashion

Saskatchewan is most likely of all the provinces to label Black Converse High Tops Size 3

somebody a dangerous offender at least, that's what Amnesty International Canada says.

According to Correctional Service Canada, there are 486 dangerous offenders in Canada. Saskatchewan is host of 40 of them. Alberta has 45. Manitoba has the lowest of the prairie provinces with 13. Ontario has the most dangerous offender designations with 197.

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Saskatchewan has the highest crime rate of all of the provinces, 14,184 based on a population of 100,000. That is double the national average, which sits at 6,604, according to Correctional Service Canada.

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"(People) who have been convicted of three or more crimes, where there was the potential that they could serve two years or more imprisonment, are more likely in Saskatchewan than anywhere else to be considered for that possibility of being locked up, effectively, forever," said Benjamin.

"All of the provinces and territories use the same criteria to place someone on the national flagging system," said Zerr. "Saskatchewan is concerned about violent crime. I think that's particularly obvious. And we're concerned about the victims of violent crime. We only pursue dangerous offender designations in cases where there is a history of repeated, serious, violent crime," she said.

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