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The bill was expected to pass second reading with backing from MPPs in all political parties and be referred to a standing committee.

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The cost of a visual alarm starts at $160 for the device. "The cost of installation needs to be Converse Dainty Ox incorporated since the visual alarms alerts have strobe lights and therefore need to be hardwired into the home," said Wayne King, regional program manager at the Canadian Hearing Society office in Sault Ste. Marie, in an e mail interview.

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"Alarms, whether activated by heat, smoke, toxic fumes or a break in into a home, warn of imminent danger by sound; but these notification systems fail completely for Ontarians who are deaf or have a hearing loss."

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Converse Dainty Ox

Converse Dainty Ox

face high costs for smoke dete

The CHS believes people who are hearing impaired should be eligible for some degree of financial aid to help buy the special alarms, which cost considerably more than simple smoke detectors.

MPPs have suggested expanding the proposed legislation so the devices would also installed in existing provincial and municipal government buildings, as well as in private homes.

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As part of it's continuing efforts to improve safety for the hearing impaired, the CHS is calling for provincial government funding for visual alarms and emergency notification systems for deaf and hard of hearing people.

King said an electrician needs to install the device, and that cost depends on the size of the home, as well as the type and layout. "Locally in the Converse For Girls Kids

"There have been a number of recent reports of people with hearing loss who have died in a fire because they haven't had effective alarms in their homes," said CHS national president and CEO Chris Kenopic, in the release.

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The CHS said building contractors and landlords should be required to install visual fire alarms in new homes and apartments, and that they should be able to recoup those costs from government.

The Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) asks this question during fire prevention awareness week in Ontario: What if you can't hear the smoke detector or fire alarm when it goes off?

"We are very concerned government has not addressed this, as it is a matter of life and death."

The proposed Converse Trainers For Toddlers

area we have had quotes ranging anywhere from $1,200 to $2,500."

In May the CHS asked the Ontario government to prioritize funding for alarms for people who are culturally deaf, orally deaf, deafened and hard of hearing. It has yet to receive a formal reply from the Liberal government about assisted funding, which worries King.

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King said more than 100 deaf and hard of hearing individuals were at the legislature to watch debates on the bill.

Liberal MPP Wayne Arthurs (Pickering Scarborough East) was to reintroduce a private members bill about visual fire alarm systems on Thursday in the Ontario legislature.

law would require all new provincial and municipal public buildings to be equipped with a visual fire alarm system so deaf and hard of hearing people are alerted to fire alarms.

Converse Dainty Ox

King says many hear ingimpaired people are going without visual alarm systems because they simply can't afford to put out that kind of money.

Converse Dainty Ox

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"Just as the purchase of communication aids and devices is eligible for some degree of financial support under, for example the Assistive Devices Program in Ontario, it is our position that the installation of visual fire alarms and visual notification systems should as well," a CHS press release states.

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