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Converse Shoes White Price

No one could offer up any reason why people might be having health issues while swimming at the pool, but Fougere said they haven't been idle since the complaints were first heard. He said there are two more independant contractors testing the facility now to try and solve the problem.

"We're just hoping now that the city is going to take it seriously and actually do something because it's been a frustrating eight months," said Egarhos.

"It gets pretty bad sometimes, usually at night. The more people that use the pool, the more chlorine they have to put in and the circulatory system they have right now is not doing the right job," Korpan said.

"I have to reinforce: there's a very small number of individuals. We are not getting complaints from the general public that are using the facility," said Chris Holden, director of Community Development, Recreation and Parks with the City.

Last winter it was so bad that Korpan had to be pulled out of the pool because he couldn't breathe. His dad drove him straight to the hospital and he was on oxygen for a day. Korpan keeps coming back because he has invested so Converse Colors High Tops

"We have an attendance policy where you have to come to 95 per cent of our practices and we have 10 practices per week," he explained.

But the advisory has caused some confusion for Queen City mayor Michael Fougere, who responded to the advisory on Wednesday.

"What we're really seeing is with the users who repeatedly use it and it's one group in particular but repeatedly use it, those are the ones that are showing some sort of symptoms," said Robert Schuba, manager of the Environmental Health department with the region.

The Regina Optimist Dolphins swim team first complained about symptoms some swimmers were experiencing back in March. Athletes complained of nausea, vomiting, and trouble breathing. But the city is adamant those are isolated cases.

Converse Shoes White Price

Converse Shoes White Price

Soutar has experienced health issues over the past year as well. He knows he could experience more breathing issues but he feels he has no other choice because the city has no other real competitive pools.

Converse Shoes White Price

"My 10 year old boy was pulled out of the pool last week. He isn't an elite athlete," Egarhos said.

officials all along and we know we've been in compliance," said Fougere, insisting that the building's ventilation systems have been tested and meet current standards.

Some members of the Dolphins suffer more than others. Jacob Korpan, 15, experiences respiratory issues every practice.

Concerns over air quality problems at the Lawson Aquatic Centre are once again bubbling to the surface with a new report from the local health region.

The Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region is warning people to stay away from the city run pool if they plan to do intensive exercise or if they have respiratory problems. This follows previous complaints raised by swimming groups in the city who say they experienced health issues after events there.

Dolphin swimmer Craig Soutar Converse Trainers Womens

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Deck fans have been placed around the pool but Egarhos explained that's not a long term solution and people are still getting sick. He said they need proper ventilation and secondary filtering.

"We can't wait another three months. We can't wait another six months. We've already waited eight months," said Egarhos.

"It's not clear to us why the public health advisory was issued. We are confused because we've been working with Women Converse Style

is glad the city is finally recognizing the problem.

Converse Shoes White Price

Converse Shoes White Price

Converse Shoes White Price

Converse Shoes White Price

much time into the sport he loves.

"It's just unfortunate that as a result, anyone with, you know, any respiratory issue can't swim here or is advised not to," he said on the way into the pool.

Health advisory for Lawson Aquatic Centre

He said this isn't just a Dolphin issue or an "elite athlete" issue and explains about 100 people have experienced symptoms.

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But the Regina Optimist Dolphin swim club says the public health advisory validates what they've been saying all along. Dolphins President Nick Egarhos said Converse Shoes White Price members of the team are still experiencing respiratory issues like coughing and vomiting, dating back from March to as recently as last week.

Converse Shoes White Price

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