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But now, more than ever, he will be called upon to get this franchise back near the top.

"I always felt I was involved in the process (when Craig was here) and any success the organization had, we should share as an organization, whether it's me and Craig or Denny and I," Torrie said. "Denny and I have a very close relationship and I think we'll succeed together. We're both working hard to establish Womens Black Converse High Tops Cheap

While Torrie has come under fire in recent years for his draft selections, there can be no denying he has cured some of those woes with some crafty trades.

Instead of being Hartsburg's so called underlink, he will be Lambert's superior.

"Any time we talked trade and the makeup of the team, we always worked together. Craig and I worked more in conjunction that way."

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Sault Star Sports Editor

When it fails, he'll be the one the man on the street will be screaming at and demanding answers from.

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But behind the scenes, those who know the inner workings of the Soo Greyhounds, knew that Craig Hartsburg was the voice of the franchise, the man whose word meant most and when he told others to jump, they did so as fast and high as they could, few questions asked.

He will be his own man as Hartsburg's departure will provide Torrie with an opportunity to prove himself and carve out his own identity, too.

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He consummated trades. He kept track of the team's budget. He hired office personnel. He briefed the owners on the state of affairs and, he was the man responsible for equipping this team with the tools to Converse White High Tops Celebrity

Oh, he'll provide his input now and then but ultimately, Torrie said, it's up to Lambert to decide who he wants to put on the ice.

And while Lambert is still untested as a head coach, Torrie has enough faith in the new man in charge that he will allow Lambert to make most on ice decisions.

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"The final decision in my opinion, is always a coach's decision," Torrie said. "He deals with the players every day, he knows their attitudes and practice habits.

in law scenarios.


And that's not to say he didn't have a say in things during Hartsburg's tenure. He'll just have a lot more say, now.

"When you're working with a man like Craig Hartsburg, I don't think I ever viewed myself as Craig Hartsburg's boss," Torrie said. "He's been an NHL coach, a GM coach in the Sault and then he came back again, just to be a coach.

Today, with Hartsburg gone and new head coach Denny Lambert in place, Dave Torrie is not only still sitting in the bosses chair but he is The Boss.

"If I feel I need to know why they made this decision or that, I'll ask but I'm not here to tell him (Lambert) who should play with who or who should be in the lineup."

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By Bill Montague

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When this organization succeeds, Torrie will get more of the credit than ever before.

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With so many veterans lost to graduation, the Hounds are in a rebuilding year there's that word they hate, rebuilding meaning the team's brass and fans will have to be patient and realize the future is next year and the year after and not now.

our own reputations."

He will have to furnish Lambert with talent. He will have to be able to Converse White Shoes Low Cut analyze what this club needs and then go out and get it.

That should be music to Lambert's ears. After all, no first year coach wants to feel like a puppet on a string and it's obvious, through Torrie's words, that these two won't end up in any of those meddling mother Converse Shoes For Men High Cut

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For the last four seasons, Dave Torrie has sat in the bosses chair inside the Soo Greyhounds' office, taking care of the day to day business of the team.

Now, more than ever, Torrie will be under the magnifying glass. He no longer has one of junior hockey's best and most respected coaches to guide his troops.

Hartsburg's loss puts meaning back into the wor

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While much has been written about Lambert's transition from assistant coach to head coach, you can be sure that Torrie's role will now be magnified and his voice will carry more weight than ever before.

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