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"The budget's so critical to what we do as a state, that while you want to get it out there for the Legislature to discuss, you also want to get it right," he said.

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NASHVILLE (AP) Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam is preparing to present his first state budget plan to Tennessee lawmakers Monday evening.

While the state's Converse Colors 2018 revenue collections have begun to improve in recent months, they are nowhere close to making up the losses incurred during the recession. Haslam estimates that tax collections won't rebound to 2008 levels until about Converse Dainty Black Uk

he said his team has focused on trying minimize the effect of the reductions.

"It's hard to go in there a do lot of really serious restructuring in six weeks," Haslam said. "This job would be a lot better if it started July 1 and gave you a chance to walk into it before it started running.

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The timing of the budget plan was a challenge, the governor said.

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overhaul of the $30 billion state budget between his first day in office and his budget presentation Monday.

"We're all going to have to learn to operate in a very different environment," Haslam said in a speech to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce last week.

While the cuts will be tough, Haslam said he doesn't want his speech to be overly downcast.

"We focused very hard on making the cuts in administrative and overhead areas, rather than direct services," he said.

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"The issue we have now the recession is not quite over," he said. "But the stimulus money is over."

Haslam has said many of the cuts were already planned by his predecessor, but that further reductions will be necessary.

"I wouldn't call it dire," he told reporters after visiting a Williamson County school on Friday. "I'd call it realistic."

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Converse Colors 2018

The Republican governor, who took office in January, has warned that the state budget will shrink by more than $1 billion because federal stimulus money is running out this year.

While the governor has been guarded about divulging details about his proposed cuts, Converse Dainty Black Glitter

Haslam to Present 1st Tenn

Haslam said there wasn't enough time to plan for a complete Converse Shoes Womens

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