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reason to cancel my contract and so they say something about my agent. Every player has an agent, so for them to say it's his fault is very poor talk. It's not the case."

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"In these circumstances we expect players to be much stronger as professional footballers.

"I went to Kaunas recently to speak with Romanov and we discussed all things but we could not find a solution to this issue.

"He said he was not Converse High Tops Style

"They couldn't find any Converse Dainty Blue

time there.

Converse Limited Edition Chuck Taylor

Hearts duo exit Tynecastle

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Converse Limited Edition Chuck Taylor

"Their actions usually trying to lure the players with ungrounded promises and increasing expectations in order to benefit financially for themselves are heavily damaging to the team and the club, while putting players' careers at risk.

Converse Limited Edition Chuck Taylor

"The story Hearts have put out is just ridiculous. I actually found it quite funny after I read it," Cesnauskis said in the Daily Express.

"We cannot, under any circumstances, allow the personal desires of people outside the club such as, for example, agents to disrupt the excellent progress that our team is making.

"It is sad our time in Scotland has ended this way. Hearts are trying to make us look bad and we are not prepared to allow that to happen.

Cesnauskis has also been angered by Hearts' version of events and has backed up Mikoliunas.

"We were both keen to re sign but the club wanted to re sign us on lesser terms and that wasn't something we were keen to do. So when we said no we were sent home and told we wouldn't play for Hearts again."

"Me and Saulius were at Hearts for four years. We really enjoyed our Converse Purple And Black

Converse Limited Edition Chuck Taylor

"As a result, it is most unlikely that either Mikoliunas or Cesnauskis will appear again for Heart of Midlothian Football Club and we shall pursue such a policy for the future in order to protect the club and make it a success financially and on the field."

"It is quite evident to us that the players' will to play for Hearts dropped due to the influence of agents, who put their own interests ahead of Hearts and the squad.

Hearts have announced that Saulius Mikoliunas and Deividas Cesnauskis are leaving Tynecastle, but the Lithuanian players have accused the club of trying to create a smokescreen over their departure.

"Unfortunately, I did not make a deal with Romanov in the end and I have cancelled my contract because I have not been paid for four months.

going to pay me if I did not re sign or extend my contract. I have been paid the Hearts portion of my salary but not the sum from Kaunas.

Converse Limited Edition Chuck Taylor

AngerMikoliunas is not happy with the statement from Hearts, claiming that he walked away from the club because he is still owed four months' wages.

He said: "I'm sad to be leaving Scotland in this way.

Converse Limited Edition Chuck Taylor

Converse Limited Edition Chuck Taylor

The two midfielders are on loan from FBK Kaunas but have fallen down the pecking order this season, starting Converse Limited Edition Chuck Taylor just ten games between them.

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Converse Limited Edition Chuck Taylor

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