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Converse Boots For Women

Harvest number down again

Sault College students, with the Outdoor Environmental Study, Fish and Wildlife program, set up their annual volunteer deer data collection station next to Mom's Restaurant at Kent's Converse No Laces

"We are following up with these reports and may be installing more cameras and hair traps to acquire DNA for the provincial wildlife researcher at the MNR," Winter said.

said data collectors, again this year, received reports of cougar sightings.

ST. JOSEPH ISLAND Deer harvest numbers during the week long rifle season, which ended last Friday, are once again down.

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Converse Boots For Women

Hunters said fewer deer were spotted in some regions of the island, while hunters in other regions saw an increase in the number of animals.

Other harvest numbers indicated that most deer harvested and brought into the check station were 1.5 year olds, with 58. The busiest recorded day was Nov. 11, with 31, and the fewest was opening day, Nov. 6, with only five.

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"There seemed to be an overall consensus by hunters that the warm weather had played a role. The warmer weather also had Converse Shoes Womens Uk

Converse Boots For Women

Converse Boots For Women

Converse Boots For Women

Students collect data, such as the municipality in which a deer was shot, its weight, age, gender and beam diameter. Information assists the Ministry of Natural Resources in determining an estimated deer management population.

As of noon Saturday, 133 were harvested, down from 169 in 2009, according to numbers taken from four post check stations.

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Deer checked account for a percentage of the overall number harvested on St. Joseph Island from Nov. 5 to Nov. 12. It does not reflect animals harvested during early archery season.

But the number of points on big bucks varied from eight to 15.


In addition to coyotes, wolves, bear, turkeys and bobcats being spotted, Winter Converse All Black Low Cut

The largest doe weighed 169 pounds. The largest fawn weighed 73 pounds.

hunters scrambling to get their deer from the hanger to the butcher."

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Converse Boots For Women

"We had fewer deer checked in at Converse Boots For Women the station again this year, especially on opening day when only five were brought in," said Natural Environment and Outdoor Studies teacher Teri Winter.

There were three large bucks, each weighing 220 pounds, and each 6.5 years old or older and shot in Jocelyn Township.

Winter said deer brought into the check station appeared to have thick pelts and a thick layer of fat for winter.

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