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"Alistair gave a strong performance but what matters more is that we believe his case will prove more persuasive with the remaining undecided voters."

Think tank Demos analysed the response to the debate on Twitter, which attracted some 104,000 tweets in total

He claimed: " Alistair Darling asked the questions Scotland needed answers to. The First Minister's failure to offer basic answers was there for all to see. Even the audience was turning against him as time went on.

"There is a long way to go but this has been a great night for our campaign and for Scotland."

"But overwhelmingly for both candidates, it wasn't cheers but boos that filled this new digital arena and our analysis suggests people were turned off for one of the oldest reasons of all neither politician was keen to answer the question.

the hashtags of each campaign."

These included that Scots would have to drive on the right hand side of the road and would be more susceptible to attacks from outer space after independence.

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Meanwhile the SNP leader challenged Mr Darling several times to say whether he agreed with comments from Prime Minister David Cameron that Scotland would be a successful independent country.

The Better Together leader also accused Mr Salmond of being ''ridiculous'' after a series of questions from the First Minister on comments said to have been made by the No campaign.

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With just over six weeks to go till voters in Scotland decide if the country should remain in the UK or not, the two rival politicians took part in a sometimes heated and noisy debate over the nation's future.

audience of 350 at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, Mr Salmond urged voters in Scotland to seize the opportunity independence with both hands.

have edged TV debate

He told them: ''My case this evening is this: no one, no one will do a better job of running Scotland than the people who live and work in this country.

At the end of the debate he said: ''Voting yes is a vote for ambition over fear. It tells the world that Scotland is an equal nation that carries itself with confidence and self belief."

On which politician had made the best arguments in the debate, Mr Darling was also ahead in the ICM poll, with 51% Converse White Shoes of the 512 people questioned preferring the case he had made, compared to the 40% who said the SNP leader had made the better argument.

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a lifetime. We should seize that opportunity with both hands.''

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Carl Miller, social media researcher at the think tank Demos, said: " Twitter was a new battleground which both campaigns urged their supporters to fill.

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''On September 18 we have the opportunity of Black Converse Hi Tops Sale

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"Our realtime analysis revealed that Scottish men were overwhelmingly vocal in sharing their opinions of the debate. Men were talking more about Salmond whilst women tweeted more about Alistair Darling. As for which side came out on top, it was a fairly even split with an equal share for Converse Designs

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At the start of the debate, which took place in front of an Black Converse High Tops Size 3

A Guardian/ICM poll conducted immediately afterwards indicated Labour MP Mr Darling, the leader of the pro UK Better Together campaign, had won the debate by 56% to 44%

Mr McDougall continued: " The nationalists had arrogantly said this would be Salmond's 'Bannockburn' it may yet turn out to have been his Waterloo.

Mr Darling, who was chancellor in Gordon Brown's Labour government, repeatedly pressed Mr Salmond to set out what his "plan B" would be if an independent Scotland failed to secure a currency union to allow it to retain the pound in the wake of a Yes vote.

But Blair Jenkins, chief executive of the pro independence Yes Scotland group, insisted the debate had resulted in a " clear win for the Yes campaign" with a "positive, optimistic and visionary case presented by the First Minister against another dose of negativity and scaremongering from Mr Darling".

"The First Minister presented the positive, compelling case for Scotland taking our future into our own hands and using our vast wealth, talent and resources to build a better and fairer country.

The two hour long programme saw Mr Salmond and Mr Darling clash over key issues facing voters north of the border in the September 18 referendum.

But almost half (47%) of those surveyed said the First Minister had the "more appealing personality", compared to 39% for the Better Together leader

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"And it is that positive vision that will win the day with a Yes vote on September 18."

Better Together campaign director Blair McDougall said the debate would " prove to be a huge, possibly decisive, moment in the referendum campaign".

Mr Jenkins said: " What Mr Darling presented was the No campaign's bankrupt vision for the future of Scotland. He not only failed to make a positive case for a No vote he didn't even try.

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