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I hate this new interface. I want it to go away to the corn field. It was just fine before. It wasn broken. Why do mega businesses with giganto websites always have to eventually mess around with the user interface until they properly tick people right off.

Thank you for your feedback! I understand that changes to our systems can cause confusion and even frustration in some cases. However, what you are seeing on the control panel is not the outcome of a GUI update, but rather it is a whole new product. Our hosting plans now offer either the industry standard cPanel or Plesk panels, both of which address many of the requests we have received from customers in the past.

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I have called GoDaddy twice the first call to a guy who knew less than me (which is an extremely low bar) and the second who recommended the Google search he had just performed to try to find information. Yikes!

After Umpteen phone calls to support being continually being told that the issue was my sites configuration problem not Cpanel I finally reached someone knowledgeable that disabled the APC everything works fine. What a waste of my time, unnecessary worry effort for absolutely nothing, because of poor, uneducated guesswork by the majority of the support staff.

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The two big losses with cPanel are the Converse Original Color

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for me. If it goes well, I once again recommend GoDaddy for economy hosting. And if not, the few clients I have left at GoDaddy will eventually end up elsewhere. But so far, it looking okay.

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Not liking anything about the cpanel interface; honestly, this looks more like an abortive beta test than an actual working hosting site the old economy panel was far more intuitive and easier to use. Even trying to hit "Hide Icons" to rid myself of those hideous cPanel icons doesn work. But hey, the "Reset Box Order" option works shame nothing else does.

Please someone helpme either switch my hosting plan or give me the option to not use cpanel.

If you are not familiar with cPanel, it can be frustrating to get started. Just a little experience solves that problem.

when will these changes take place? if in the far off future please advise how to change hosting plans back to the preciously offered Deluxe Web Hosting Linux.

AccountExec system, which allowed me to log in to my account and manage any of my clients, and PreviewDNS. The preview feature provided under Domains only partially works.

GoDaddy you have missed the boat on this one. This move put a real damper on my previously super satisfied experience with you your support staff. Have gone from a Superfan to "What the hell are they doing!!!"

The primary reason I hosted with GoDaddy in the beginning was the support for novices like myself. I was able to add contact page and pretty sophisticated request for quotation pages to websites with flawless email contact function. If the server is configured correctly, the browser should return a test email. I get nothing. I was almost relieved at first because it gave me a place to start, and I mistakenly thought it would be a quick fix to search how to configure the server through the c panel.

immediately recognizable to anyone who has used cPanel at other hosts.

Please allow option to use the old panel.

Support is not very good either with CPanel, I was told that the issues that I was experiencing were caused by my website configuration that I had to rebuild all my Joomla sites. I was told to wipe everything out, upload one at a time, to see which site was causing issues. So I did, hours of deleting re uploading, only to have the issue in the very first instance.

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I moved almost all of Converse Suede Low Top my clients away from GoDaddy because using the old CP took more time than any other CP I used at other hosting companies and because the hosting infrastructure had technical problems that GoDaddy refused to address. Both these issues appears to be resolved.

I haven been brave enough to set up a new email account yet.

I had two websites set up in the old Linux format, and never had a single problem. I trying to launch a new site with a deadline, and the form mailer will absolutely not work. I used to "stuff" not working, and am pretty adept at finding solutions, but after days and days of digging through internet searches, every promise turns up empty.

I working with my first client under cPanel now, a critical test Converse High Top Leather Shoes

With these new plans, our customers (and you) should see an marked increase in site performance, along with an industry standard set of tools used by web professionals world wide.

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cPanel is a breath of fresh air compared to the maze that was the DIY, home grown GoDaddy CP of what I hope will be the permanent past. GoDaddy skinned version is Converse Dainty Ox Navy 5.5

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Have the option to use the old File Manger from the old Linux hosting plan

To me, it doesn matter that I will one day get used to used to it. What matters to me is that it has been working fine for me now and that it took a long time to get that way. But the ever increasing prices are just one thing as of late. : (

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