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politician win a seat by walking up and down during a speech and fixing the audience with his or her stare the way Mr Etheridge was said to have described Hitler.

And I've never known any modern Converse Mens White

Labour ended up paying to fly three of its councillors back from their summer holidays for the crucial vote.

No one hangs on David Cameron or Ed Miliband's words. Every time they tweet anything the first response is usually from someone calling them, respectively, Dishface and Beaker.

Converse Dainty Glitter Trainers

Converse Dainty Glitter Trainers

Converse Dainty Glitter Trainers

Well said, sir!

Yet those who were already part of the so called 'earthquake' of the European and council elections in May were content with Mr Etheridge's side of the story and rallied round to condemn the Mail on Sunday for its coverage.

At least, that's what I'd say if I were the Conservatives and putting a brave face on it.

Ironically, it was a seminar on effective public speaking that saw his comments rounded on by his party's critics.

Converse Dainty Glitter Trainers

Converse Dainty Glitter Trainers

Politically, it might not be the worst thing for the Tories. They would have continued to get stick for staying in control after being reduced to just over a third of the seats.

Labour has the advantage of being both incumbent locally and in opposition in Westminster. And that's certainly done it no harm in Wolverhampton, Sandwell and Dudley these past few years.

Those who were against UKIP remained resolute on that, taking this Converse Black Hi Tops Womens

Not particularly, if the online reaction is anything to go by.

UKIP meanwhile overtook the Liberal Democrats in terms of big donations according to the Electoral Commission figures disclosed this week.

The death shortly after those elections of leader Tim Oliver left Labour on 29 and meant a rainbow alliance (albeit a rainbow missing any shades of red) of Tories, Lib Dems, UKIP and independence voted for the status quo.

But his opponents are going to have to work hard to win back the support that moved to UKIP, however easy a target they might think he has made himself.

But has this latest row damaged UKIP?

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And now they get to campaign for the next election against an incumbent Labour party that won't yet have got its feet under the table.

All Mr Etheridge has displayed his complete lack of political "nouse" and that like quite a few of UKIP other representatives, is someone else who has taken advantage of the party "early doors" situation. Lets be honest, history is replete with many notable public orators. Ghandi, Lincoln right through to Billy Connolly. It really does show an immense lack of thought, insight and imagination to rely on such a contentious subject.

story as further evidence that they do not deserve a seat in the Commons.

Converse Dainty Glitter Trainers

Converse Dainty Glitter Trainers

Far from being 'desperate' for politicians to start talking, as Mr Etheridge says those who listened to Hitler were, these days people are more likely to stand up and walk out or worse.

Why the West Midlands MEP decided it would be a good idea to even bring up the Nazi leader at all, let alone suggest budding politicians look at his speaking style, only he can say.

Has Hitler row damaged UKIP

That idea went down the toilet and was rebranded by Farage to mop up all the votes of the people who were rightly brassed off with the careerist palace that Westminster has become, without actually saying what they actually stood for, apart from some fairly vague statements on immigration.

Bill Etheridge has probably not helped his party with his seminar, particularly three years after he posed with a golly doll in a swipe against political correctness.

ChesterfieldWolf. UKIP were NOT created as a protest party. If you had kept their original video tape you would realise they objected to us giving our Sovereigntyto the EU and its unelected bureaucrats ! Nor is everyone who supports Converse Dainty Glitter Trainers them a reactionary Right Wing Loonie as you arrogantly claim, I was a Socialist who saw Labour as my Party until Blair invented New Labour.

Anyone who votes for these clowns deserves what they get, without imposing their incompetence on the rest of us.

UKIP were created as a protest vote party, someone you voted for if you agreed with the rather simple idea that if the UK left the EU, we would save billions a year and everything would be sunny and rosy in the brave new world of Monetarist Britain.

Converse Dainty Glitter Trainers

Converse Dainty Glitter Trainers

Yes the British public in general are tiring of the seemingly never ending flow career politicians occupying our ballot papers. Converse High Tops Black Cherry

However Mr Etheridges presentation skills have always lacked imagination. Anyone who took a good look at Bills recent European elections canvassing pamphlet, couldn have been two shocked by the lack of substance and credentials contained within it.

What this particular case highlights is UKIP need to make some effort at being a party of credible representatives, rather than being a party of protest, populated by those who like the sound of their own voice a little too much.

Bright young things groomed by their party and ballooned in to safe seats where they can hone and develop their political skills. That said what the British public don need are the likes of Mr Etheridge. Someone who appears to lack enough awareness to realise that there are just some things that you don place in apolitical arena.

In doing so they have attracted all the right wing reactionary loonies in the country who have all the political nous of a lizard and spend their sad political lives lurching from one gaffe to the next.

Labour's having its cake and eating itEvery Black Country council is now under the control of Labour. Walsall's Tories were forced from power in a special meeting on Monday, called after a by election gave Labour back the 30 seats it was on after May's local elections.

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