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"It was absolutely amazing on all kinds of levels," said Harrington, who grew up racing for both the Sault Ski Runners and the Northern Ontario Ski Team. "Because it was in Canada, it was a pretty special Olympics. The way it was run, the friendliness of the people there and the volunteers everything was great. To hear the roar of the home crowd in Canada was amazing."

Guay's performance was also just .06 off the pace of the silver medalist, American Bode Miller (1:30.62). Roy and Jeff Frisch, before the Olympics.

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While some observers may be critical of Canada's slalom, GS Converse Jack Purcell

and Super G performances, Harrington begs to differ.

On the road for nine months of the year, Harrington calls Toronto home. But he also spends as much time as Converse Classic Low Cut

Harrington loved his Olympic Experience

That was just .03 seconds slower than the man who won the bronze medal, Converse Shoes Yellow American Andrew Weibrecht (1:30.65).

He began coaching as an assistant to Brian Mealey with the Sault Ski Runners in 1987.

possible at his family's cottage at Montreal River.

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He moved into his present position in 2007.

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Harrington graduated to head coach of the Northern Ontario Ski Team in 1994, became the Ontario Women's Ski Team head coach in 2000 and assumed head coaching duties with the men's provincial team two years later.

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"Brian was a huge influence," Harrington recalled. "He turned me on to coaching."

One of Harrington's best memories occurred as he and the Canadian coaches were driving through Vancouver heading for the closing ceremonies. in overtime in the men's hockey final and "Vancouver was joyous. Every age group, every ethnic background, Converse High Tops Mens Sale

Converse Shoes Yellow

Converse Shoes Yellow

Converse Shoes Yellow

every person we saw was celebrating. It was unbelievable."

"We're obviously disappointed about not winning a medal, but I thought the guys did great," he said. "They risked (themselves) and did as well as they could."

"It's a very volatile sport," Harrington said. "Guys are really well prepared and you really have to risk and push. There's a real margin for error."

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"The giant slalom and slalom are incredibly technical, incredibly tactical and also really scary," he said. "Guys are going really fast and the elements are always changing. Part of a coach's job is to keep guys calm, focused and positive. I absolutely love working with these guys on an ongoing basis. It's a blast."

Harrington pointed out how Canada's Eric Guay finished fifth in the Super G with a time of 1:30.68.

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