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Converse Brown Boots

Converse Brown Boots

Converse Brown Boots

Buster's offers a line known as Wally's Jigs, named after Vess' brother, Wally, who was killed in a 2004 shooting.

Converse Brown Boots

Converse Brown Boots

"We can tell you where to go fishing where someone else can't,'' he said. "You go to (a large chain store), and Converse Leather Brown

The store had one owner, then another until Buster Vess, Rickey's father, bought it in 1980.

Converse Brown Boots

Buster's Bait Tackle is the kind of place where a 93 year old man comes in for coffee each morning around 9 and sits in some seats that were once in a Ford Econoline van.

about 25 years, the seats have served as makeshift couches, needing duct tape in recent years to survive.

It's unusual to find a bait and tackle shop in the middle of Huntsville, far from a lake or river.

"I could sell an old lady a $3.50 box of worms, and the next person might want a $350 custom built rod,'' Vess said. "We cater to everybody large mouth, small mouth, crappie, bream and catfish fisherman."

Converse Brown Boots

Converse Brown Boots

"A man wanted 24 of these," said Vess, holding one of the custom made jigs. "You can't buy this anywhere else but here."

Just beyond the couches is a hole in the floor. It's there to remind Vess about the raccoons that used to be under the floor.

they can't tell you where to go fishing. But we can. That's what's kept us in business, our knowledge."

Converse Brown Boots

and crawfish in their hands. We fed 'em through the hole for a long time. That's why we never covered it up."

"All kinds of people sit in 'em bass pros, dignitaries, politicians," said Rickey Vess, the proprietor.

It's a place with a symphony of crickets and an array of mounted fish on the wall by the seats from the Econoline.

Each of the fish were caught, more or less, about the time the seats were removed from the van in the mid 1980s.

The first business, Bailey's Tackle Shop was operated by Winston Bailey until 1970, he said.

Converse Brown Boots

have a seat on some old van seats Converse Brown Boots and hear some fish stories

But the store has survived for so long, in part, because of its tradition, Vess said.

Converse Brown Boots

Another reason, he said, is because of its unique merchandise, such as custom made jigs.

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