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Converse Shoes Sale Uk

Ruby, a yellow lab is a new mother, but was recently dumped by her owner.

Converse Shoes Sale Uk

Converse Shoes Sale Uk

"We've been told two months, but I have a feeling it will be 2012," said Dr. White.

Normally a treatable and preventable infestation, Ruby along with other dogs across the county will have to wait for IMMITICIDE the only FDA approved treatment for heart worms due to a nationwide shortage.

"Heart worms are a worm that actually lives in the blood. It's transmitted by mosquitoes," said Dr. Lisa White Converse Shoes Sale Uk of Parkway Animal Hospital. "In West Tennessee, we are a hot bed of heart worms. Heart worms are pretty much endemic."

Converse Shoes Sale Uk

Converse Shoes Sale Uk

harmful and deadly it might become.

Dr. White says due to the shortage, giving heart worm preventatives to dogs has never been more critical.

"It Converse Men Black

Dr. White says a heart worm diagnoses is not necessarily a death sentence for pups who test positive. There is an alternative to limit the severity and the spread of the disease.

Converse Shoes Sale Uk

Converse Shoes Sale Uk

Converse Shoes Sale Uk

However, it is not a true treatment.

Converse Shoes Sale Uk

"It's always been important for a dog in West Tennessee to stay on the heart worm preventative," said Dr. White. "It is even more important now, when we don't have the option of treating those heart worms, should they become positive."

Heartworm Medicine Shortage Affecting Local Vets

common in West Tennessee.

Converse Shoes Sale Uk

Converse Shoes Sale Uk

If you have not had you dog on preventative heart worm treatment, Dr. White suggests immediate testing. She says the longer a dog has the parasite, the more Converse Dainty Ox White Leather

Ruby and her pups are now in foster care. However, not all of Ruby's problems are gone: she tested positive for heart worm disease a parasite infection that is all too Converse Shoes Ladies Australia

does not involve actually killing the heart worms," said Dr. White. "What it involves is putting them in a holding pattern preventing the inflammation and irritation that the heart worms cause in the blood vessels and prevents the heart worms the dog from getting anymore heart worms, and those heart worms from infecting another dog."

Converse Shoes Sale Uk

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