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Her inventory includes 64 flavours so it is no small task to prepare for the season end and still be able to offer her customers what they like.

Special needs customers come in with their workers and Pepin remembers an occasion when a gentleman in his fifties came in with the group but he could not have a regular cone.

Celiacs can have gluten so gluten free cones are available as well as lactose and sugar free products, while allergies to nuts is another concern Pepin does not take lightly.

gave him a gluten free cone and that was the best moment, we knew we were doing something right. Converse Dainty Trainers

Converse Beige High Tops

people are alone, or just come out for a drive, say goodbye for the season, said Pepin, who remembers a couple walking by last year who stopped in for pie and tea.

is in the middle of nature; people can come in, get their ice cream, walk around the park and visit Crystal Falls. Children can play on the swings and slides and all of it is in our own backyard. has also added some finger foods to her menu that are easily carried around or can be enjoyed by eating them at tables and chairs situated inside and outside the shop.

Kinsmen Park is within this area and is maintained by the Kinsmen Club.

People like yogurt as an alternative to ice cream as well as sherbets as this gives them a wider range of products to enjoy as lifestyle choices or for health reasons.

It a full turkey dinner and it is held so Pepin can show appreciation to her loyal customers as well as all the new ones who have found her since her relocation to Hiawatha Kinsmen Park.

Converse Beige High Tops

Converse Beige High Tops

Converse Beige High Tops

Converse Beige High Tops

The Hiawatha Highlands Conservation Area is situated between Fifth and Sixth Line in Sault Ste. Marie and is a naturally beautiful in both winter and summer.

after the Labour Day weekend in September in order to deplete stock prior to closure.

The long time Searchmont resident owned and operated Northern Delights Ice Cream in the Frontier Village at the Trading Post on Great Northern Road for 11 years.

Converse Beige High Tops

When Pepin closes Hiawatha Ice Cream after Thanksgiving weekend in October, she goes to work at Searchmont Resort in the kitchen there once the ski season opens.

mom made all the pies last year but the ice cream was missing because we were closing. Imagine, an ice cream shop with no ice cream. said she starts depleting all five of her coolers of ice cream one by one Converse Chucks Womens

But she seeing more tourists this year who heard about her ice cream shop after crossing the border, so word is getting out.

is the end of summer and I may not have customer specialty anymore, but it is the preparation that she must go through because her ice cream can be stored from one season to the next.

His eyes lit up so big, so happy he could have an ice cream in a cone like the others. the needs of families who come in is important families are all different and especially kids with allergies. You want to be able to give them something they can have. loyal staff know what regular customers want and many still wonder why she move to Kinsmen Park.

may not have their favourite but people understand, she said, adding customers appreciate that she has gotten into specialty products for those with allergies and special needs.

thought I had retired, but I haven retired, she said.

She has access to a large, bright and beautiful kitchen at the Kinsman shop site, which has made it easy for her to add hot foods that she can prepare for her customers and the new service is quite popular.

Pepin searched and found the ideal spot, and it Converse Beige High Tops was through word of mouth that many of her customers discovered she at Kinsmen Park on Landslide Road under the new name Hiawatha Ice Cream.

Some of the hot choices include fish burgers, sweat potatoes, french fries, hot dogs and poutine.

Converse Beige High Tops

treat my customers one on one, those at the front of the line get all my attention and as the line moves up, each customer is treated one on one, said Pepin in a recent interview.

Converse Beige High Tops

She closed in the fall of 2010 for the season with the expectation she would open again, as usual, in the spring of 2011, but instead she began the search for another location to set up shop.

have seating for 35 and the last two weeks before closing for the season I put up a sign, she said, adding people can sign up then.

But this is the third year Pepin cooking skills will be honed at her customer appreciation Thanksgiving Dinner to be held again at Hiawatha Ice Cream.

Connie Pepin has sold ice cream for 14 years and, during that time, customer service has been the flagship of her business.

of when she didn know if she make it at all.

store ice cream products with nuts in separate locations, use different scoops and really take the time to be careful. cones have become hard to get because of their popularity and manufacturing companies have a hard time meeting the demand, so she really tries to keep them in stock.

She knows now that she will make it even after having to start all over again three seasons ago, but the experience brings back memories Converse Ballet Lace Slip

is very expensive, so I relied on my customers to spread the word of the move, but she feels there are some who have quite simply lost track of her.

Have you heard the scoop

Converse Beige High Tops

in nature, in our own back yard, and it a new beginning, it was time and the Kinsmen are really great, Pepin said. gave me a good long term contract and it is a good partnership. were concerns initially, but Pepin gave herself three to five years in her new spot to succeed and it worked.

Converse Beige High Tops

Converse Beige High Tops

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