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Converse Ballet Lace Grey

make serious, irreversible mistakes," Jim Rubens with Converse White Shoes For Men

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Converse Ballet Lace Grey

Converse Ballet Lace Grey

"We need revenue. I know where to get that revenue, and I hope my colleagues feel the same way," Sen. Lou D'Allesandro, D Manchester, said.

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Jeb Bradley, R Wolfeboro, agreed.

"So you're going to wind up with budget chaos about a year and a half from now," he said.

The sources said the money would come from a single license for a casino to be built in the state.

the Coalition Against Expanded Gambling said.

"The governor has proposed that we have a highly regulated casino. You can't slam a casino approval process in in under two years and expect it to be highly regulated. You're going to Converse Maroon Shoes

Backers of video slots said they are cautiously optimistic 2012 could be their year.

hinge on just more than 12 votes out of 400. He said his gut tells him the proposal would not pass.

Converse Ballet Lace Grey

Converse Ballet Lace Grey

Opponents were already sounding the alarm.

Hassan budget plan includes expanded gambling

"By counting on highly speculative gambling revenues to balance the state budget, Gov. Hassan is constructing a fiscally irresponsible house of cards that could collapse at any moment," Horn said.

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"That's just a wild guess, and I don't know but there has been so much devastation to the budget that people who have been right on the edge are going to have to do some hard thinking, including me," he said.

Converse Ballet Lace Grey

Converse Ballet Lace Grey

Hassan hasn't said whether expanded gambling would be part of her budget plan, but during her campaign, she voiced Converse Ballet Lace Grey support for a casino as a way to raise revenue.

House Majority Floor Leader Rep. Dan Eaton, D Stoddard, said he expects the fate of expanded gaming to Black High Top Converse Womens 7

Horn said attempts to expand gambling have failed in the Legislature in the past.

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Rubens said it was unwise to build a budget around a gambling license fee. He said it takes more than one billing cycle to get the money in order.

"I happen to think that Gov. Hassan has a pretty good chance of getting it passed if she advocates for it in the House, but putting it in the budget is problematic, just because you can't depend on the revenue. That's the problem," Bradley said.

State Republicans have already responded to the idea of including gambling licensing revenue in the budget. In a news release, Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn called it "irresponsible."

Converse Ballet Lace Grey

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