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Converse Silver Metallic

Converse Silver Metallic

Weight watchers can opt for a grilled chicken or chef's salad, with chicken, ham or turkey topping a mixture of romaine and iceberg lettuce, shredded cheese, mushrooms, black olives, onions, tomatoes and green peppers.

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Helen Back's sandwiches are good, if my meatball sandwich was any indication. It was packed with sauce and cheese, and the meatballs had substance to them, unlike some other meatball subs that fall apart Converse Maroon Low Top

Converse Silver Metallic

You can also order something called a French Kiss (hot roast beef with cream cheese and Provolone), Italian (salami, pepperoni, ham and Provolone), and a sandwich called a Menage a Trois, the "trios" part being a trio of meats ham, turkey and bacon, along with Provolone.

I tried a 9 incher with black olives and jalapeos. There was no scrimping on the toppings. The cheese was thick and gooey, just the way I like it, and while I wouldn't describe the crust as "thin," it wasn't a big, chewy wad of dough, either. I hated to see that last slice disappear down my gullet.

the elevated part of the restaurant, and there's an adjoining room where families can get away from the immediate bar.

Converse Silver Metallic

Helen Back serves up a giant platter of nachos topped with meat, refried beans, cheese, tomato, lettuce and black olives. You flavor sissies can get the jalapeos on the side. Add salsa and sour cream for an extra 50 cents apiece, or substitute the meat for chicken for an extra dollar.

Converse Silver Metallic

People go to Helen Back for pizza, beer and football (or whatever sport is in season, though I'm not sure that applies to golf).

When I entered the restaurant, I was greeted by no fewer than three different servers before I reached the bar area. As I waited, they plied me with drink, a tasty sample of microbrew (which I declined as I was driving, but wait until I have a DD), and conversation. I think they have the service thing down pat.

Their pizzas come in two sizes: a 9 inch pie appropriate for one person, or a 16 inch monstrosity to feed an entire table.

The restaurant is big, with a sunken bar area and lots of seating. Other tables are scattered throughout Converse Girls

The outside deck is huge and faces a wooded wetlands area, which means you're sheltered from the fumes and noise of passing cars. They have heaters for chilly nights.

Converse Silver Metallic

Converse Silver Metallic

Converse Silver Metallic

I mentioned TVs. You could mistake the TVs for wallpaper there's that many. They're high definition flat panels, perfect for watching the game.

People rave about Helen Back's pizza, and I've always wondered if that was the beer talking. On my recent visit to Helen Back Again in Niceville, I'd say the pizza was my favorite menu choice.

The service

Helen Back Again a heavenly sports bar

Helen Back's chicken fingers are not battered and fried; rather, they appeared to be thinly sliced sections of chicken breast that had been sauted. They were tasty, but they were not what I was expecting.

Hey, I forgot the appetizers. You can choose chips and salsa, jalapeo poppers, cheese sticks, egg rolls and chicken fingers.

Converse Silver Metallic

Converse Silver Metallic

You can't ask more from a sports bar than Helen Back Again. They have all the necessary ingredients TVs, beer, tasty snacks and lots of room. It's clean, nicely decorated, and well equipped for its sports loving customers. They offer nightly specials throughout the week, and you'll want to try them all.

Converse Silver Metallic

You can choose from all the usual toppings, but for a little extra Converse Silver Metallic add chicken, artichoke hearts, Canadian bacon, feta, pineapple, tomatoes, meatballs, spinach, anchovies or banana peppers.

in your mouth.

Converse Silver Metallic

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