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any wrongdoing and stated on his blog that Channel 4 had refused his right to reply to accusations and had not responded to his offer to film a live interview where he was

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Mr Goldsmith insisted that investigations would find nothing out of order and wrote on his blog that the "formula we used is precisely the formula used by every candidate and MP across the land".

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Investigative Journalism had unearthed discrepancies in Mr Goldsmith's campaign spending.

Twickenham Times

In the report Mr Goldsmith was accused of exceeding the 11,003 limit on candidate spending during the 23 days between the dissolution of Parliament and the May 6 election.

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A Channel 4 News statement said: "Channel 4 News stands fully behind its report Converse Shoes Price which was rigorously researched. The investigation into campaign spending continues."

Questions were raised Converse Shoes Black And White

He wrote that he was "hoping to be able to tackle Jon Snow" after "Channel 4 refused [him] a right to reply" yesterday and maintained that the report itself was nonsense on every level.

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Converse Shoes Price

Westminster watchdog the Electoral Commission confirmed it had received a dossier raising questions about campaign spending by the multi millionaire Conservative MP.

Mr Goldsmith denied Converse High Heels Wedges

The report, aired last night, accused Richmond Park's MP of failing to account for money spent on his election campaign and claimed that an investigation by the Channel 4 News team and Bureau of

head with Jon Snow From Richmond and Converse Dainty Leather

willing to address the issues.

about the amount that was spent on items like leaflets, signs and campaign jackets after some items were credited to different campaigns and some items ordered were allegedly

not used.

Obviously John Snow has some hidden (personal or political?) agenda that is completely inappropriate given that John Snow has absolutely no public mandate to govern (mercifully we still need elections for that!) nor professional mandate to judge (decades of jurisprudence required!) . Only to ask and LISTEN WITHOUT INTERRUPTING !!! The experience made me switch off Channel 4 which has always been my favourite UK channel.

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An assessment now has to be completed before a decision will be taken over whether it is a case requiring an inquiry.

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A spokeswoman for Channel 4 said: "We informed Zac Goldsmith of our investigation last week, and he had ample opportunity to respond publicly to the important questions we put to him.

"Until today I considered John Snow to be a fairly objective interviewer but this evening I was disgusted by his disgracefully arrogant onslaught on Zac Goldsmith (who is a complete stranger to me).

"We are delighted that he will be appearing on the programme tonight to do so."

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