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Hayes said he backs a call to bring federal pensions and benefits, including his own, in line with the private sector a motion supported in a speech by Treasury Board President Tony Clement at the Calgary event.

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Hayes was among 3,000 delegates who attended the weekend event, where dozens of motions were debated and passed. None of the motions are binding on the federal Conservative party, though Industry Minister James Moore told QMI Agency they are an important guide going into the next election.

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Hayes said he thinks the matter of what should be done about Sens. Mike Duffy, Pamela Converse Shoes Mens Black

I, said Hayes.

a motion to suspend the three without pay.

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A push for public sector pension reform at this weekend's Conservative party convention earned approval from Bryan Hayes, though the Sault MP says proposed anti union measures go too far.

guess those in the senate who are bringing forward this motion believe there are grounds, to support suspending them without pay, said Hayes. believe the overwhelming majority of Canadians believe that, as do Converse Dainty Black Mid

Hayes said he agrees there should be a comprehensive review of the firearms act. Though not a firearms owner himself, Hayes said he has received multiple complaints from members of his constituency over what they described as cumbersome and confusing regulations.

Hayes said he also strongly supports a motion that would have the government allow union members to opt out of having their dues go to political causes unrelated to workplace needs, though he said he doesn't agree with suggestions that government abolish mandatory union membership.

just a shame that paints the entire party in a bit of a bad light and it's unfortunate because I would suggest most of the Senators are incredibly hardworking, said Hayes. Shoes Converse White

got rid of the long gun registry, which was great, and now it's time to look at the firearms act to make it more understandable and less confusing, said Hayes.

believe in mandatory union membership. I believe unions serve a very good purpose, said Hayes.

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The convention comes as the Senate expense scandal continues to dominate headlines.

Hayes weighs in on Conservative convention

Wallin, and Patrick Brazeau should be left up to the Senate, which was expected to vote Tuesday on Converse Uk Trainers

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