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Head start on college basketball's mad March

conference standings, and their lone victories were against the league leaders. TCU took out Kansas in the Big 12 and South Florida beat Georgetown in the Big East.

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Currently, it's Davidson's Nik Cochran at 95.3%, but not far behind is someone named Jacqui.

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Then again, they just lost by 15 points to 12 14 Wake Forest, so maybe there are some unresolved issues. We do know that in this one and done age of young lineups, Miami is like a postcard among Twitter messages. Saturday, the Hurricanes sent out a starting lineup with an average age of 22.4. Sunday, the NBA New Orleans Hornets sent out a starting lineup with an average age of 23.

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Round up the usual suspects. Indiana, Florida, Duke, Michigan, now Gonzaga. But what about Georgetown? A month ago, the Hoyas weren't even ranked. Now they're 21 4, just blew through Syracuse like lake effect snow, and have a case to make. Can you really transform from unranked to No. 1 seed in nine weeks? In 2013, you can.

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By the way, through Sunday, there were three Division I college men shooting at 91% or better. There were eight Division I women. Through Sunday, there were none from the NBA.

Here comes March, and it'd better be heavy on the Madness. The college basketball regular season certainly has been. To get the idea, just look at some of the matters that must be settled the next three weeks.

So Gonzaga and Miami might be No. 1 seeds, Kentucky will have to fight to get into the tournament and the best free throw shooter in the country might be a woman. Why would anyone expect a normal March?.

America lists with a search party.

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Akron has a chance to be .

That's be Jacqui Kalin of Northern Iowa at 93.8%.

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The top free throw shooter in the land will be .

It's been a topsy turvy men's college basketball season and we haven't even hit March

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"I'm not surprised at all,'' said Muffet McGraw, whose Notre Dame basketball team is second among women from the line. "With practice, I think anyone can match up with anyone. High school player, college player, pro player, it's the same shot for all of them.''

The coach of the year will be .

It's been 22 years for Louisiana Tech, 24 for Middle Tennessee, 28 for Mercer. All lead their leagues today.

The No. 1 seeds will be .

Teams most likely to get back into the NCAA tournament after being lost in the wilderness .

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This is one of the few skills in team sport that is pretty much the same, no matter the level or gender. Getting paid to do it doesn't necessarily make anyone better. A free throw is a free throw is a free throw, and if a senior woman in Cedar Falls is better at it than LeBron James (74.8%), we all know it.

Who had Jim Larranaga as a candidate in October? Miami (Fla.) has won but four NCAA tournament games in its history, and the university high command is otherwise indisposed at the moment fighting the NCAA. But here the Hurricanes are, contending for a No. 1 seed. They are the first team since the ACC was born in 1953 to crush Duke and North Carolina each by at least 25 points.

Right now, they are both in last place at 1 13 in their Converse Dainty Mid Trainers White

Guard Victor Oladipo is the Indiana Hoosier who has made a national name for himself this season.(Photo: Mike Carter, USA TODAY Sports)

Indiana had the preseason favorite in forward Cody Zeller. The Hoosiers probably still have the favorite, only now it's guard Victor Oladipo. You couldn't find Oladipo on preseason All Converse Shoes Lace Style

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TCU and South Florida will have what in common? .

Story HighlightsVictor Oladipo, not Cody Zeller, has garnered the big Indiana Hoosier headlinesAmong college basketball surprises who would have predicted Miami to be in the national mix?Georgetown a possible shot at a No. 1 tournament seed?Kentucky, North Carolina, Connecticut and Maryland Converse Brown Leather nine of the past 17 national champions are unranked, but Gonzaga is No. 2. And you thought the Academy Awards had some screwball moments.

player of the year will be .

The only team in America to go from winless in its league in football to unbeaten in its league in basketball. The Zips were 0 8 in the MAC in the fall and are 12 0 now.

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