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"Why we call ourselves Molotov Jukebox is because if we come up with a riff or a sound that people don't expect from us we can still do it. I don't like to be constrained by how we sound," said Natalia, who started Converse Chuck 2 Black

When asked what it was like being part of one of the biggest film franchises of all time, she said: "I cannot really describe it. It took me a year not to get lost on set, but it really only hits you exactly how big it is when you go to a premiere."

NNF14 Molotov Jukebox. Photo: Mike Massaro.

"We've got this amazing album. It's the fruits of our labours for years and we are finally putting it together how we wanted it to sound."

"It's amazing to be a part of, I love it so much," she said.

"I've just been working in a film called SuperBob (with Catherine Tate and Brett Goldstein). I play a Colombian cleaner called Dorris. I'm the love interest. It's going to be an absolutely hilarious film." Mens Converse Boots

Converse Mens Sneakers

"I like how feral she is and her instinct to protect and survive," Natalia said.

In Game of Thrones she plays wilding Osha, a woman of the Free Folk.

Just ahead of the album release, Molotov Jukebox will be in Norwich on Saturday for the Norfolk and Norwich Festival and Natalia said she was looking forward to the Adnams Spiegltent gig.

Converse Mens Sneakers

"Tropical urban gypsy with lots of colour and vibes" is the way singer and actress Natalia Tena enthusiastically describes her band Molotov Jukebox which flamboyantly blurs musical boundaries in its dance inducing shows.

"I cannot watch the series while it's on TV. I have to wait until it is all done and then I watch it all in one day."

Converse Mens Sneakers

Converse Mens Sneakers

Natalia played Nymphadora Tonks, one of the aurors who fight against the dark arts in the film adaptations of wizarding series.

Harry Potter and Game of Thrones star to take to the Adnams Spiegeltent stage with Molotov Jukebox

Converse Mens Sneakers

Converse Mens Sneakers

Converse Mens Sneakers

"It started five years ago when me and Sam, who plays the violin, were in another band, and slowly but surely we have grabbed other musicians," she said, adding that this month is a particularly exciting time as the band's debut album, Carnival Flower, is being released on Monday.

When asked about her favourite character she has played, Natalia replied: "Usually I prefer the character that I've just recently played.

Tonks in the film.

She said: "We've done quite a few Spiegeltent shows. They're great Converse Mens Sneakers because of how the tent gives a circus feel, and I like it how the audience already comes ready for action."

Alongside her success in the music scene, Natalia has also carved out a career as an actress with roles in the Harry Potter films and the HBO television series Game of Thrones among her most high profile to date, and her acting and music world collided when Molotov Jukebox performed at one of the Harry Potter film premiere parties.

Converse Mens Sneakers

Converse Mens Sneakers

Series four of the show is currently being aired on TV and Natalia said she was sworn to secrecy about what is still to come in the series.

Converse Mens Sneakers

"I like how rebellious she was, but a good kind of rebellious," she said about her character, adding that it was great fun working with David Thewlis whose character Remus Lupin married Converse New Releases 2018

busking on the London Underground at 16 and was one of the founding members of the band.

Converse Mens Sneakers

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