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Alternatively you can give feedback through an online survey (see below).

These are some of the issues you might have views on as the consultation period on the latest phase of the Reinvigorate Converse Low Top Leather

There will be a single lane at the edge of the square for buses to stop; but buses will no longer be allowed to turn here.

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Other improvements to Exhibition Square will include moving the taxi rank to the opposite side of the road from the square; relocating bus shelters and bus stops so the square is more open; and dealing with the fountain and the statue of William Etty.

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So where will buses coming from north of York be able to turn to make the return journey? They will be expected to go over Lendal Bridge to Station Rise, says Coun Merrett.

To suspicious minds, that might suggest the council has already decided to keep the traffic restrictions on Lendal Bridge in place, even though the six month experiment isn't yet quite over.

Converse Laces Patterns

On these pages, we look at the proposals for Exhibition Square, Duncombe Place and Fossgate in a little more detail.

Spray from the fountain is damaging the statue, Coun Merrett says. It also wants suggestions for the kind of events that could be held in the square.

Converse Laces Patterns

And what if people say they don't think the schemes should go ahead at all?

gallery by York Museums Trust.

Have your say on plans to reinvigorate York From St Helens Star

Not so, insists Coun Merrett. "We are not prejudicing the outcome of that experiment. It [buses crossing Lendal Bridge to turn at Station Rise] is not dependent on that, although clearly it would make it easier."

Timescale: Work to begin after the Tour de France and finish before the art gallery reopens in spring 2015

There are also proposals to create a gated entrance down the side of the art gallery to Museum Gardens behind, to tie in with the ongoing revamp of the art Converse Trainers Childrens

There will also be new cycle parking, some possibly on the corner of Blake Street and Duncombe Place, and more perhaps near the Assembly Rooms.

WHAT should be done with the Converse Laces Patterns statue of William Etty in Exhibition Square? Where should new cycle parking in Blake Street and at the entrance to Duncombe Place go?

Converse Laces Patterns

Converse Laces Patterns

A number of key decisions about the plans are yet to be made including the kind of materials used for resurfacing roads and open spaces, and what to do about bus shelters in Exhibition Square, he says.

Converse Laces Patterns

The aim is to change the appearance of the entrances to Duncombe Place and Blake Street, so that they look more pedestrian friendly and it becomes clear that the main through Converse Sandals Uk

City of York Council has set up a small exhibition in the foyer of its West Offices headquarters which give details of the proposals for Exhibition Square, Duncombe Place and Fossgate. There are also samples of some of the materials that could be used for resurfacing streets and open spaces.

The pavement on the corner of Blake Street and Museum Street will be made much wider, narrowing the entrance to Blake Street and giving pedestrians an area from which to view the Minster. The pavement on St Leonard's Place will also be widened.

Total estimated cost of the Exhibition Square proposals: about 1 million.

You have exactly one week left to make your views known about proposals to improve Exhibition Square, Duncombe Place and Fossgate. STEPHEN LEWIS reports on the latest plans to Reinvigorate York.

Converse Laces Patterns

The area of road at the entrance to both Duncombe Place and Blake Street will therefore be raised slightly.

The effect will be to make both Blake Street and Duncombe Place less 'dominated' by cars and other vehicles, without actually closing them off, says Coun Merrett.

Converse Laces Patterns

York programme draws towards a close.

"If there is a massive groundswell of opinion against we would think twice," he said. "But from what we understand of the feedback so far, these proposals have generally been greeted very positively."

You have until Friday, February 21, to make your views known by filling in forms in the foyer at West Offices or in libraries across the city.

route for traffic is Museum Street and St Leonard's Place.

Should there be seats on new, wider pavements in Fossgate? And should York really be spending 3.3 million at all on revamping six areas of central York at a time of austerity?

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