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Every 10 minutes of physical activity earns one point. Every portion of fruit and veggies earns one point.

Converse Silver Leather

This means participants need to do an average of 30 minutes of activity a day and eat five servings of fruits and vegetables.

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Converse Silver Leather

Converse Silver Leather

Converse Silver Leather

Converse Silver Leather

However, it is a six week commitment to eat healthier and exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

Health unit launches challenge

these changes will be permanent, said Lysanne Trudeau, program co ordinator with chronic disease prevention.

thought it might be a better way to get people active, said Trudeau. want people who are healthier and feeling good about themselves. looking to take on the challenge need to register by May 6.

Converse Silver Leather

Converse Silver Leather

The challenge is on for local residents to eat healthier and exercise just in time for summer.

Converse Silver Leather

The health unit nutrition month contests in March garnered a lot of interest, so they are hopeful people will jump on board with the challenge.

The Eastern Ontario Health Unit is launching their On the Go challenge, with prizes from $100 gift certificates to green food boxes for an entire year.

To win a prize, participants must have at least 126 physical activity points and 210 nutrition points. One winner will be chosen from each of the counties the health unit services.

intake to earn points.

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Converse Silver Leather

The workplace contest has been opened up to everyone in the region this Converse Silver Leather year. Participants are encouraged to increase their exercise, fruit and Converse Heels Uk

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Converse Silver Leather

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