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"I don think any child deserves anything that makes them stand out and make them look bad to their peers," said Rossi.

Friday afternoon, the Rossis said Converse Shoes Black And Red

But Rossi said Bryant told her he had good intentions, "He expressed how he wasn trying to humiliate Aron, he was trying to motivate him to be the best he can be which, I get, but it wasn motivating."

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"I got calls. People started calling me. I got messages off of Facebook," he said.

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Rossi admitted her son isn perfect, but said he doesn deserve to be a target. She came to 9 On Your Side because she said she doesn want it to happen to another child.

Coach Bryant confirmed to 9 On Your Side he did post the sign, but didn return our calls for further comment by air time.

of that flyer is now viral and has one of the boy parents saying the coach went way too far.

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High school coaches are known to dish out Converse Grey Slip On a little tough love every once and awhile. But a photo Converse Sale Uk Amazon

"I guess I was just embarrassed. I didn know what to do about it," said Aron Rossi, Havelock High senior.

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A little tough love might have crossed the line, but they said they don believe coach Bryant was trying to be malicious.

"There was a poster on the coach wall saying he wouldn talk to any college coaches regarding these students. And it had one other boys name and then it said 10 Aron Rossi," said Jennifer Rossi, mother.

Havelock player singled out on flyer arrested on alcohol

Instead of sending a powerful message, Aron said it became a joke. Word of the sign spread quickly around the school, particularly through social media.

The sign posted by Bryant said, "These guys will not do what it takes to be a great player."

When Jennifer Rossi son, Aron, showed up to Havelock High School Thursday, she said the flyer was posted at the school field house.

they resolved everything with coach Bryant and that he Black Leather Converse High Tops Size 3

has apologized.

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