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"I can promise I cut no corners in training and did all I could do in getting myself ready both physically and mentally for Saturday's fight.

"I think it would be extremely harsh to withhold money from him. However, the board will look at it when all the reports come in. But I wouldn't have thought so."

Well it is hard to say whether or not they should withhold his purse, at the end of the day we have watched Tyson knock journey men out within a minute, I don't see how it is any different here. As for the pay per view or those who turned up at the MEN arena watched the undercard too, they still got some value for money, not everyone was there to see the Haye/Harrison fight.

Matt S says.

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Posted 12:06 23rd November 2010

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"Ultimately, I didn't get going and my game plan to take over the fight in the later rounds was extinguished by the power and speed of David Haye who caught me clean around my guard.

Listen to Kevin Jones anyone who expected Audley Harrison to make this look like anything other than a ridiculous mismatch has only themselves to blame for falling for the 'showbiz' side of the sport.

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Posted 15:19 15th November 2010

what you also have to bear in mind how has audley harrison got a Converse High Tops White Womens

title shot at the W B A title, im a big haye fan but if you are going to take harrison purse you should do the same to hayemaker promotions for making it such a big mix match, but with saying that harrison had everyone fooled, reading the boxing news before the fight in boxing news there was a poll and 52 percent of the poll takers for harrison was going to win so was harrison just there to make more money by building the fight up.

Harrison faces BBBC probe

"To my family, my team and the fans who got behind me on this journey to overthrow David Haye and become heavyweight champion, I'm sorry I was unable to walk through the door and fulfil my destiny," it read.

And the British Board of Boxing of Control have confirmed that they will now "have to consider" withholding some or all of Harrison's purse for the fight.

StatementHarrison later released a statement saying he will consider his future in the ring.

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Don't go crying about the fact you were sucked in by the hype learn from it.

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Tom J says.

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Joe Tietjen says.

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punching ferocious knock out artist in unifying the cruiserweight division?

"I make no excuses and I'm not sure where I go from here in boxing, but I'll lick my wounds, take some time out with my family and see what I want to do."

Live Boxing.

What made anyone think that a guy like Harrison who has proven over the last ten years that he is not even close to being a world class boxer could have a chance against a fighter like Haye who while still having to prove he can match the Cheap Womens White Converse High Tops Klitschkos, has cetrainly proven he's a big Converse Dark Red

"If I wanted an easy way out, I would have stayed down from the knockdown, but I rose and the referee's intervention saved me from a potentially bad knockout as David is a good finisher, but I would have gladly left the ring on a stretcher as I wanted to work my way through it.

didn't work. Boxing is not just about punching, it' about making the other guy make mistakes and punishing him. Audley's plan backfired and Haye outclassed him simple! Haye new it was going to be easy so why take a fight against weaker opposition if he wants to cement his legacy? Get off Harrison's back and concentrate on Haye's decision to not fight the Klitchko's after all his mouth about wanting to fight them!!

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Posted 16:00 15th November 2010

I think taking away his earnings is ridiculous, he was outclassed by a complete fighter. Let's not forget, David Haye took the fight knowing, in his words, he would knock Harrison out in 3 rounds David Haye is just as much to blame then as Harrison!

I feel sorry for Audley he had a plan to frustrate Haye and it didn't work. Was anyone complaining about Haye's tactic to 'sting punch' against Valuev? All Haye did was run around the ring avoiding confrontation. Harrison' s negative tactic was no different it just Converse Trainers Grey

Anthony Carter says.

Harrison barely threw a punch before being stopped in three rounds, with the 39 year old being criticised for his performance.

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