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people are not prepared for; there's a kind of spiritual element that's often unexpected. But I won't go into it more than that!"

"Flora is a very interesting character. She has issues and All White Leather Converse High Tops Womens

find the place and then it's always busy, with things to sort out and people to call."

down memory lane.

Hayley went on to star in over 20 great films, such as Whistle Down the Wind', Gypsy Girl' and The Chalk Garden'. There was great family support her mother, Mary Hayley Bell, being a successful

enchanting sisters, with their match making efforts and catchy songs: "Lets get together yeah, yeah, yeah; two is twice as nice as one."

Converse Chucks White

The play arrived in Richmond this week, bringing Hayley to an area she has known most of her life. Much of her childhood was spent in her parents' home The Wick' on Richmond Hill and as an adult

troubled son. After years apart, they are reunited at the funeral of their beekeeping husband and father.

THE life of Hayley Mills has experienced many twists and turns since she became a successful movie star at the tender age of 12 and now, at 57 years old, she has found herself on a nostalgic trip

It's really been very special."

Converse Chucks White

"It's always hectic on opening night, first you have to Converse Dainty Leather

tour has been sort of retracing my life

in a way; revisiting places I've not been to for a very long time.

professional actor and disciplined human being who taught me lots of valuable lessons."

playwright and her father a well established and greatly esteemed actor. Hayley speaks highly of her father: "He set a wonderful example for me of professionalism and how to behave. He is a very

Converse Chucks White

"He asked if I'd like to do a screen test and then I got the part.

When Hayley was 12 years old, her father now Sir John Mills was due to star in the film Tiger Bay'. The director, J Lee Thompson, was visiting her father and had yet to cast the child lead:

Hayley comes back to her Richmond roots From Richmond and Twickenham Times

directions to take. It was difficult trying to figure out who I was as a woman, what sort of person I was becoming."

"I'm really enjoying the tour," stresses Hayley. "The play is so well written, with characters based on real people truthful people and it is very clever with wonderful dialogue. It really is

A child star was born. Her charisma stole people's hearts, including Walt Disney's who fell in love with her performance in Tiger Bay', leading to her American film debut in 1960 with

Hayley was "very much looking forward" to Richmond Theatre. "I've worked there many times but not for a long while. In fact, I was thinking today that this Converse Low Cut Men

Converse Chucks White

"Like Cardiff; I've not been here for ages, but the first film I ever did Tiger Bay was actually based here. All the places I'm visiting on tour are reminders of different parts Converse Chucks White of my life.

very high."

Converse Chucks White

Converse Chucks White

Converse Chucks White

In the 1970s her film career began to slow down and she concentrated on television productions for a while such as The Flame Trees of Thika' before travelling in a theatrical direction.

Converse Chucks White

Pollyanna'. She won an Academy Award for her portrayal of this adorably optimistic girl. And who could forget her twin performance in the 1961 classic The Parent Trap'. Playing the mischievous but

she lived in Hampton for 20 years.

problems, but there is definite hope at the end. The play is actually very funny, but it operates on lots of levels. Some of the aspects

Humble Boy', a play by Charlotte Jones, began touring in October, visiting theatres around the country. I caught up with a slightly flustered Hayley as she arrived at a Cardiff hotel last week:

Converse Chucks White

one of those plays which only comes along once in a lifetime.

But did the pressure prove difficult to cope with at such a young age? "Yes," admits Hayley, "when I got older it did. In my late teens it became hard to know what to do with my life, what

"It was a wonderful time in my life, having such lovely parts from the beginning. I was very lucky to have a start like that and having fellow actors of such a high calibre. It sets your sights

Despite being a comedy, Humble Boy' explores issues which invite comparison with Shakespeare's Hamlet. Hayley plays Flora, an ex bunny girl, and the play concentrates on her relationship with her

Converse Chucks White

Converse Chucks White

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