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The majority of Title I districts and campuses that missed AYP are in Stage 1, having missed AYP for the same reason for two years in a row.

school starts.

Schools or districts that are in Stage 2 5 face stronger sanctions at each additional stage. A school that has reached Stage 2 sanctions, for example, must offer tutoring to its students.

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Reportedly, 44 percent of Texas campuses met Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) targets this year due to a substantial increase in requirements, the Texas Education Agency announced today.

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Preliminary AYP ratings give the MPISD district and its various campuses a tally of 5 for 5 in meeting or not meeting AYP ratings, and the district stands at a Stage 2 in missing AYP requirements in reading (performance) and mathematics (performance).

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Converse Navy Blue High Tops

Of the 513 Title I districts that missed AYP, 285 or 56 percent of them are in Stage 1 of the School Improvement Program. Among campuses, 976 or 84 percent of the total 1,159 Title I schools that missed AYP are in Stage 1. These districts or campuses must develop an improvement plan and campuses must offer students the option to transfer to a school that meets AYP requirements.

HBISD goes to the head of the AYP class in Titus

Both Mount Vernon ISD District (in math performance) and Daingerfield Lone Star ISD in reading (performance) and mathematics (performance) are designated at Stage 3 in the Title I SIP (School Improvement Program). Other districts at Stage 3 for missing AYP in some Converse Navy Blue High Tops area of performance include theHooks ISD District, Jefferson ISD District, Liberty Eylau ISD District, New Boston ISD, Paris ISD, and Texarkana ISD

figures, 2012 AYP evaluations are based on 10th grade Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) results and scores on the STAAR tests for grades 3 8. Because passing standards have not been set yet for the STAAR for elementary and middle school grades, the Texas Education Agency conducted a bridge study to determine the raw score on the STAAR that is equivalent to the TAKS passing standards. These equivalency scores were then used in the AYP calculations for this year only.

HBISD Supt. Eddie Johnson told the Tribune, "Every year, standards are increasing. Soon 100 percent of the students will have to make 100 percent on the tests to meet requirements. So with those increasing standards, our teachers and staff have really worked hard to meet those rigorous standards, and I am proud of the job they've done in order to get that accomplished. We are pleased with what our teachers and students have accomplished."

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Norwood said the CHISD elementary principal "has good plans in place for reading; and it's business as usual at Chapel Hill this year."

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The Texas Education Agency is revamping the Supplemental Educational Services (SES) or tutoring component with the intent of enhancing the quality of tutoring services provided to students. The new statewide SES system is expected to be available by the time Converse High Tops

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From Chapel Hill ISD, Pam Norwood, district director of special programs, curriculum and professional development, said, "We did really well, and we're pleased with our results. Our district met AYP. We were well above standard 93 reading, and 92 percent in math. We have a little work to do in elementary. If the standards would have not increased we would have met AYP."

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Converse Navy Blue High Tops

The Winfield ISD missed AYP at the district and elementary levels in mathematics (performance) and stands at Stage 1 status in the Title I School Improvement Program (SIP).

She said the district reviewed the ratings in July through a secure website. "We've already looked at it and planned accordingly. We are continuing areas of focus for science and math in secondary."

According to TEA reports, under this federal school accountability system, a school or district this year met AYP requirements if 87 percent or more of their students passed the state reading/English language arts test; 83 percent of their students passed the state mathematics test; 95 percent of their students participated in the state testing program and, depending on the grade level, had either a 75 percent graduation rate or a 90 percent attendance rate.

Under the current structure of the No Child Left Behind Act, the passing standards in the federal accountability system must rise to passing rates of 100 percent on the mathematics and reading tests by 2014. This means steep increases in the requirements each year now through 2014. Last year, a passing rate of 80 percent on the reading/English language arts test and 75 percent on math test were required to meet AYP. That year 50 percent of the districts and 66 percent of the campuses met AYP requirements.

At Stage 5, which is the most advanced intervention level, a school must adopt an alternative form of governance. According to reports, 59 schools have reached this level. Along with offering transfer and tutoring options, a school at Stage 5 could:

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Converse Navy Blue High Tops

Chapel Hill ISD was a near miss, meeting AYP requirements for the district, and for the high school and junior high, but missing AYP at the elementary level on reading (performance).

Non Title I schools that miss AYP must revise their already existing campus improvement plans to address the reasons that the campus missed AYP.

Other Region 8 districts meeting all AYP requirements, according to the preliminary reports, were the Avery ISD, North Lamar ISD, Hubbard ISD, Malta ISD, Pleasant Grove ISD, Red Lick ISD, Redwater ISD, Roxton ISD, Saltillo ISD, and Sulphur Bluff ISD. Region 8 districts reportedly missing the 2012 AYP requirements at every level evaluated in the preliminary reports are: Clarksville ISD, Cooper ISD, Hubbard ISD, Maud ISD, Miller Grove ISD, and Winfield ISD.

HBISD Principal Tracie Rose said, "We are continuing to look for ways to improve the quality of instruction delivered to our students in order to have growth and to meet the needs of our students at Harts Bluff."

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