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Converse Sandals Price

Converse Sandals Price

As for the cover, Finebaum says he likes what HarperCollins and photographer Matthias Clamer came up with to represent the long awaited book.

hear what he thinks and what you can expect from the book photos

"You're holding your breath because it's a one shot deal," he says. "To get that many people together, to get permission on the biggest home game of the year, to be all the way up in the upper deck. Everything is a little bit of a roll of the dice, but I thought it turned out great.

The cover shows the longtime college football media behemoth standing in football stands in the middle of a horde of rabid fans colorfully dressed in their favorite SEC team's gear. Finebaum holds up a sign featuring the title of the book and looks like he's shouting in the midst of the chaos.

"I didn't really know what they were doing," Finebaum says, noting that Vince Thompson with the Melt sports marketing agency in Atlanta put the shoot together together in coordination with Harper Collins, bringing Clamer all the way to Tuscaloosa from Los Angeles.

deck as Clamer spent the next couple of hours taking a series of shots to give them some options.

It's a lively cover for what promises to be an even livelier book for most fervent of college football fans anxiously awaited Finebaum's unique insights into the SEC, the Alabama Auburn rivalry, his joining ESPN and Nick Saban's would be flirtation with Texas.

Finebaum is, of course, referring to one of his show's best known callers Tammy, a tenacious Converse Sandals Price Auburn fan. Also joining the shoot and landing spots on the cover were fellow Tiger fans Charles from Reeltown and I Man, whose presences Finebaum said he was happy to see considering their Converse Dainty Mid Blue

Converse Sandals Price

Converse Sandals Price

Converse Sandals Price

Converse Sandals Price

Converse Sandals Price

Converse Sandals Price

pretty much seals the quest to have a No. 1 bestseller, I think."

"It means a lot," Finebaum said of those callers being a part of the shoot and cover. "This book, even though it talks about the broader SEC

Converse Sandals Price

View full size"My Conference Can Beat Your Conference: Why the SEC Rules College Football" will go on sale Aug. 12, 2014. (HarperCollins)

The shoot took place at Bryant Denny Stadium on a chilly Friday morning before the Alabama LSU game the following night. Roughly 50 people dressed in SEC team fan attire complete with face paint, shakers, cowbells, you name it and joined Finebaum in the stands of the north end zone upper Converse Original Design

longtime loyalty to his program and career.

Converse Sandals Price

Converse Sandals Price

"The fact that Tammy is standing right in front of me Converse Shoes Uk Store

12 this year.

Converse Sandals Price

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