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With Sandra's encouragement, Harry enrolled as a mature student in night school. He completed successfully Grades 10, 11, Converse Low Tops Girls

Harry was responsible also for dragging his kid brother George into the theatre. George's sterling performance in a local production of The Innocents, alongside academy award winning actress Lila Kedrova, directed by her husband Richard Howard of Pull Chain Theatre fame, drew the attention of Toronto critics. Other stage successes led to Converse Oil Slick Sneaker

Sandra and Harry were acquainted fleetingly; Sandra showed him her diamond engagement ring.

While continuing to act, direct, and work at Algoma Steel, he fast tracked his studies to graduate with a degree in English and Fine Arts from Algoma University College.

She's focusing her energy this year as chair of the Quonta Regional Drama Festival, taking place from March 16 to 22, hosted by the Sault Theatre Workshop, celebrating its 60th season.

Harry admitted that he too had contemplated an acting career.

"I was just getting up enough nerve to ask you out," she recalls a disappointed Harry as saying. "So I gave the diamond ring back at intermission, and left with Harry. And that's the end of the story," or the beginning.

The children graduated inevitably to more active roles. All three have acted in stage plays. Randi has added directing, and Dayne displays a technical talent for lighting and such.

Converse High Cut Fashion Men

By 1968, the couple had two young daughters, Suzanne and Randi. A son, Dayne, soon would follow.

But it would be a class visit to the Allied Arts Centre to see a display of Shakespearian costumes that sparked his lifelong involvement in the Sault's vibrant theatre scene.

Harry noted too the reputation for excellence of the Sault's amateur theatre that has included recognition beyond the community.

Sandra laughs at the recollection in the downtown office where she works as executive director of the Arts Council of Sault Ste. Marie and District. Harry has joined her for coffee, a morning ritual, which Converse High Cut Fashion Men includes a selection of his home baked muffins.

Converse High Cut Fashion Men

The deciding factor, however, was his decision to pursue a university education with the goal of teaching theatre. Once again, he relied heavily on Sandra's support.

Sandra confessed that the stage held no similar attraction Converse Trainers Ebay

Harry Houston at the centre of Sault the

It's also a story that provides a delightful prologue for the Houstons who have devoted so much of their passion, talents and time to the Sault's artistic community more than four decades.

Converse High Cut Fashion Men

Converse High Cut Fashion Men

Converse High Cut Fashion Men

It was a restless Harry who steered the couple toward the community theatre scene in the late 1960s. Harry had dropped out of Sault Collegiate in Grade 10 to work in his father's service station at Heyden.

Over the years he has acted, directed, worked lights, and presided as president of the Sault Theatre Workshop.

"I went to the auditions, got a part, and that was it," Harry said. "I was addicted."

Converse High Cut Fashion Men

Converse High Cut Fashion Men

professional acting in southern Ontario.

and 12 in one year, enabling him to land a clerk's job at Algoma Steel.

Converse High Cut Fashion Men

Within the year, Sandra Burch became Mrs. Sandra Houston. The newlyweds were both 19.

But professional acting meant always chasing the next role with no guarantees of a "juicy part" unless you're either "really good, or really lucky".

When Harry met Sandra.

In the 40 years since, she has worked in a myriad of roles, including usher, stage manager, and producer.

Converse High Cut Fashion Men

Harry added, "Here in Sault Ste. Marie I can play the lead roles, the kinds that satisfy the soul that a lot of professional actors would kill for."

for her. "But it was either join him or divorce him," she joked.

Converse High Cut Fashion Men

Special to Sault This Week

Their three children were pulled into the theatrical scene too. "They say they grew up in B 2, which is the costume department in the basement of the Pine Street Armouries," Sandra said. "They would go to rehearsals, try on costumes, and become whomever. They just loved it."

Sandra and her friends were hanging out at the Peppermint Lounge, a popular Queen Street dance club in the early 1960s. Harry had come to hear The Fireflies, a hometown band with a faithful following. And "to twist"!

Local actress/artist Rita Tuckett had given a presentation to the students, and mentioned that the Sault Theatre Workshop was holding auditions for a play that required men.

The following year, he studied at Althouse College of Education in London. "I wanted initially to teach high school English and drama," Harry said. "But I found so much more enthusiasm in the elementary panel that I decided that was where I wanted to teach."

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