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Converse Ballet Lace Red

Drive cautiously with both hands on the steering wheel in case a wind gust hits your car.

Converse Ballet Lace Red

Converse Ballet Lace Red

Converse Ballet Lace Red

heavy rain bear down on Vermont

Burlington Free Press advertising sales manager Tom Powers spent nearly three hours Monday afternoon on the runway in a plane scheduled to fly to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, he posted on Facebook.

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Converse Ballet Lace Red

Converse Ballet Lace Red

Midafternoon Monday, the National Weather Service placed parts of central New York state on a tornado watch.

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do not touch it unless you are certain it is not in contact with power lines. Downed power lines and anything they come into contact with can cause electrocution. Treat every downed line as if it were live.

Disruptions to air traffic accompanied the storms along a front that extended from Georgia to Quebec, according to Weather Underground.

If you lose power and run a generator, make sure it is always run outside and that exhaust is not entering the home. Every home should have a carbon Converse Shoes High Tops Red

Fast moving storms late afternoon Monday left thousands of Vermonters without electric service and delayed flights at Burlington International Airport.

To prepare Converse Silver Leather

Remove anything from your lawn that could cause injury or damage if blown around by high winds.

Converse Ballet Lace Red

Converse Ballet Lace Red

monoxide detector.

for this and upcoming storms, Bosma made the following recommendations:

If a tree or tree limb is blown down, Converse White High Tops Cheap

Locally, no serious flooding was reported to public safety officials, said Converse Ballet Lace Red Mark Bosma, spokesman for Vermont Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

More than 7,000 Vermont utility customers including some 5,800 on Green Mountain Power had no electricity, especially in southern and central Vermont, with the number rising as evening set in. Air flight to Philadelphia and a Delta flight to La Guardia, Director of Operations Kelly Colling said.

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