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Converse Rose Gold

Converse Rose Gold

Jamie Daniels was at home in Sheringham with glandular fever on Christmas day when he began to feel seriously ill vomiting and becoming light headed.

University Hospital where he was kept for 11 days. He hopes to return to university soon where he is in his second year Converse Rose Gold of a computer science and game technologies degree.

He said: "I am massively grateful they came out that day I don't know what would have happened if they hadn't.

"My mum Karen came with me they got her a seat in the ambulance."

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Converse Rose Gold

His mother, Karen, dialled 999 and a rapid responder arrived to assess the situation and realised how ill the Converse High Tops Womens Grey

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Mr Wells said Mr Daniels's blood pressure was very low. He said: "He looked like a bottle of milk he was wet with sweat and looked almost transparently pale.

Nottingham Trent student was.

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The paramedics had to get fluid into Mr Daniels before they took him to hospital.

The air ambulance were called at 12.28pm and arrived at 12.37pm.

"I was lucky there was other people there otherwise I would have just laid down on the couch to sleep it off."

Mr Wells said: "It is always nice to get feedback once they go to hospital we tend to lose contact. It was good to see him so well we realise we have obviously done our job right."

Mr Daniels was given 6.5 litres of blood at the Norfolk and Norwich Converse Ballet Flats Black

Converse Rose Gold

Converse Rose Gold

he thanks the air ambulance paramedics who saved him

After arriving at hospital at 1.30pm, Mr Daniels was taken into surgery where his spleen was removed within 30 seconds. Converse Dainty Ox Pink

He is now fully recovered, but will be on antibiotics for the rest of his life.

Mr Wells said: "We couldn't move him before getting fluid in or he would have gone into cardiac arrest."

And yesterday, the former Sheringham High student went to the air ambulance hanger in Norwich to say thank you to the two men.

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"His heart was responding to the low blood pressure by trying to pump fast."

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