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Little Cooper died after being left in his father vehicle all day earlier this month. He was laid to rest Saturday in Alabama.

if it can, but we all human and it always hard to do that."

"I told that she said she would not want him (Cooper) to come back, that he in a better place," said Hodges. "And to me as a parent of a young child, that is incomprehensible."

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Harris' wife also researched 'car deaths' online

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In search warrants released Sunday morning, Cobb County police say Leanna Harris, the wife of Justin Ross Harris, admitted to researching child deaths in hot cars online.

for the district attorney to prosecute because of all the attention the Converse Leather Brown case has received.

Leanna Harris has not been charged in this case.

Converse Leather Brown

"Certainly, the circumstances she is adding to this, researching shortly before (the death), giving an unemotional eulogy and saying things that are counterintuitive raises questions," said Ken Hodges, a defense attorney and former prosecutor.

Hodges said her demeanor as she delivered the eulogy at her son funeral was unemotional, raising more questions about her alleged involvement in her son death.

Converse Leather Brown

Converse Leather Brown

On Saturday, police issued warrants stating Justin Harris admitted to searching the term online. He told police he feared the same thing could happen to his 22 month old son Cooper.

very emotional when it goes to trial," said Hodges. "The jury will have to divorce itself from the emotion Womens White Converse High Tops Size 5

Converse Leather Brown

You may have seen the tragic video of a 9 year old girl losing control of an Uzi and accidentally killing her instructor at a gun range.

Hodges said the case will be a difficult Converse Chuck 2 Black

This, as more questions surface regarding the mom role.

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