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Converse Shoes High Tops White

According to the people who endured a similar bloodletting in Jefferson County 11 years ago, this system is only now entering the most painful juncture. Recovery comes years from now.

Moore was not a perfect superintendent. There is no such thing. She leaves behind a system in such financial disarray this city will spend years trying to climb out of debt and years more attempting to regain public confidence.

She instead agreed to step aside early, as soon as the board hires her replacement. It's not as though she acted out of charity. The highest paid superintendent in this state, Moore will keep drawing her salary of $198,000 through 2011. In return, she agreed to do whatever job her successor assigns.

Jennie Robinson is capable of understanding difficult problems. Topper Birney's empathy could be helpful during cuts. Alta Morrison's experience as a principal could help her identify what exactly it is possible for a school to live without.

The Huntsville TimesMary Jane Caylor, former superintendent of Huntsville City Schools and outgoing state school board member for North Alabama

What is clear is that there will be no national search, which is no loss. The last "national search" spent tens of thousands of dollars to find Moore down the hall. The one before found in Indiana what may have been the most erratic and disastrous superintendent this system has ever seen.

Heat shifts to Huntsville school board upon Ann Roy Moore's exit

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Where Moore was poker faced, calm under criticism, Mary Jane Caylor is perhaps better described as irascible, indefatigable, quick to voice a strong opinion, no matter its popularity, in the most clear terms.

Her mood broke only for a moment, when she burst out with a spontaneous good bye, referring to her job in the past tense: "I just love being superintendent of Huntsville City Schools. It's been great."

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Three members sat on the Huntsville board for most of the last decade, overseeing the slide into a debt of $19.5 million. But finger pointing, at some point, becomes Converse Shoes High Tops White irrelevant. They are elected to represent this city, and they must do so. The city needs them.

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Converse Shoes High Tops White

In the end, Dr. Ann Roy Moore chose to go out the way she came in, with aplomb. Glasses in hand, a neutral expression on her face, she exercised the same quiet dignity for much of Thursday night that she'd used often over the last 10 years to cool difficult conversations.

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Among the two newer members, Laurie McCaulley, a longtime PTA member, has a knack for anticipating public concerns. David Blair, elected in October to replace Doug Martinson Jr., has demonstrated enthusiasm for the task at hand.

The move is partly symbolic and partly practical. Converse One Star

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Converse Shoes High Tops White

But Blair needs to get control of his message. "What we're doing to these kids is almost criminal," he blurted out regarding low scores during an odd rant on Thursday. "Don't worry about the money. We got that," he assured the audience in the next breath, before winding up: "We are going to lose some fantastic people during this process."

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In symbolic terms, this system has now entered a new phase, one of recovery, one that will span years, cost hundreds of jobs and probably lead to the loss of many neighborhood schools. Looking at the numbers, it's easy to anticipate at least a half dozen closings.

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Moore's. And I wonder if they'd have run for office if they knew what awaited. People will be unhappy, as neighborhoods forfeit schools and schools forfeit employees.

Craig Pouncey, deputy state superintendent of education, spoke to the Huntsville city school board on Jan. 6 about the necessity of eliminating jobs and closing schools to address the system's debt.

It's also true she was not alone in creating a financial shambles. At the Converse Dainty Leather Review

Will it be Caylor, the city's former superintendent, who accepts the difficult task of wielding the budget ax? Those are the early rumors, and her name was tossed around liberally by audience members on Thursday. Already a couple of weeks ago, support workers in the central office began to whisper of her imminent return.

end, she could have made a bad situation worse by refusing to relinquish the top job. She had a contract through June 30, with another six months as some sort of special "adviser" through Dec. 31.

But regardless of who is tapped, after Thursday's announcement, the onus for righting the ship has shifted to the school board itself. This is their mess, as much as Sneakers Converse

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