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Defence barrister Geri Silke said her client had no intention of ever using the knife and that he had been facing the breakdown of a relationship with his wife who had left the country with their children.

right for four years and is able to do it, said Judge Groarke, who added there will be serious consequences for Manning if he does not continue to deal with his addictions and stay out of trouble.

Manning uncle also told the court that leading up to the robbery Manning had been of control and had been in a very distressed state after his wife had left. The court further heard Manning had been convinced that head shop substances were not really drugs because they were legal but that he now accepts he has a problem with drug addiction.

[Manning] was a clear suspect given my previous knowledge Manning was arrested and denied any involvement in the incident, however, he later presented himself at the Garda station and made a full admission. Garda Kilbane added that the staff, both students, were very shocked and aback when Manning produced the knife and demanded Converse Shoes White For Girls the money. He said that the owner of the premises had also been upset by the incident as it was the first time in 30 years that it had happened.

After hearing the evidence, Judge Raymond Groarke noted Manning has a serious addiction to various drugs, legal or illegal, but that when of mind he is a bright, intelligent, and hard working person. is a decent man but turns into an absolute menace when he falls off the wagon. I have to acknowledge that he kept Converse Shoes New

Converse Shoes White For Girls

was imposed for five counts of robbery which took place during the space of just two weeks. Garda Kilbane explained that the 2006 robberies were almost exactly identical to the incident last year.

Head shop addict robs Salthill filling station at knife point

The breakdown of a marriage and a serious addiction to shop highs led to the desperate actions of a man who entered a Salthill filling station, concealing his face with a hoodie and scarf, before threatening staff with a knife and stealing more than in cash.

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Garda Kilbane told the court that the outset he Converse Evolution

Regarding Manning previous convictions, Garda Kilbane said that in 2006 a two year sentence suspended for two years Converse Dainty Ballerina

Converse Shoes White For Girls

The Galway Circuit Criminal Court heard this week how at 5.15pm a man dressed in all black, with a hoodie over his head and scarf concealing his face, waited outside the shop of the filling station until customers had left before entering and threatening two young members of staff with a knife and demanding money in a menancing manner. Garda Fergal Kilbane gave evidence that the terrified staff handed over in cash to the man who then left. Gardai were alerted and an extensive search of the area was carried out but to no avail.

Converse Shoes White For Girls

Converse Shoes White For Girls

Converse Shoes White For Girls

was a mess at that stage. He has expressed genuine remorse and shame for his actions, said Ms Silke.

Converse Shoes White For Girls

The court then heard that Manning had been living in Dalysfort Road with his grandmother who when informed of the incident paid compensation to the owner of the shop as well as to the staff. Garda Kilbane added that the injured parties had been by this. He added that Manning had had a serious addiction to shop highs at the time but has since attended the Rutland Centre for treatment for his addictions.

Ms Silke added that Manning had worked up until 2009, had completed a course in GTI, and has the support of his family. accepts he has an addiction to all drugs, he is committed to being completely drug free, she said.

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Judge Groarke then imposed a four year sentence suspended for four years on condition that Manning enter into a bond to keep the peace for that period.

A four year suspended sentence was imposed on 26 year old Oliver Manning of Dalysfort Road, Salthill, Galway, pleaded guilty to robbery at Kelleher Texaco filling station in Lower Salthill on April 24, 2010.

Converse Shoes White For Girls

Converse Shoes White For Girls

Converse Shoes White For Girls

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