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"Those employees are still no long enrolling in the civic plan," deputy city manager and city CFO explained in an interview Tuesday. "But any impact to the rest of the members of the civic plan has been dealt with through the financial contribution."

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"(The settlement) doesn't really address the issue going forward. Hopefully there are some other mechanisms we can bring forward, one of those being separate accounting because it would allow us to be able to see what the responsibility is for the employer when it comes to those employees that are there and keep the plan as close to whole as we can get it. Because that's the struggle, it's a defined benefit plan and we need to address the solvency of the plan, making sure there's enough there to take care of those members that have paid into it under the guise that they were going to get a proper retirement."

and workers there were considered civic employees. The province took control of all health services that year, as it did again in 1993 when the Regina District Health Board took over the assets and employees previously working under the Regina Public Health Unit. The city's understanding in both cases was that employees would continue to contribute to and receive benefits from the civic employees pension plan. Then in 1999, the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations, which does the bargaining for the provincial government when it comes to health care workers' unions, the Saskatchewan Union Of Nurses, and the Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan struck a new deal that dictated all new RQHR hires would contribute to the SAHO pension instead. The pension board and the city eventually filed the lawsuit because they felt the fund would be losing money as a result.

The city has reached a settlement in a long standing lawsuit over its troubled pension plan.

"It's not going to make a significant Yellow Converse High Tops Toddler

That contribution is the $9 million settlement payment that has been put deposited into the pension plan. But Sjoberg acknowledges that it's a mere drop in the bucket considering the civic employee's plan is facing a huge deficit.

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impact into the plan. It helps, obviously, every bit helps. But the last plan valuation that we're working from had a deficit of about $246 million."

Health Region lawsuit settled

Michael Fougere touched on the pension issue during a year in review address to the local Chamber of Commerce and later expressed his relief that a settlement was reached during a meeting of the city's Executive Committee.

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The suit was filed nearly a decade ago against the Regina Qu'appelle Health Region. The dispute over contributions the city and the pension board felt should have been made to the civic employees pension plan was headed to trial soon but last minute discussions instead resulted in a $9 million settlement agreement.

Councillor Wade Murray has sat on the pension board in the past. He suggested after that meeting that employees receiving benefits that were part of those groups may have to be tracked Converse Shoes High Cut Black separately as changes are made to the plan in the future.

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The pension issue has been growing the last several years. It reached a head when the last City Council chose to break its own bylaw by not increasing its contribution levels to decrease the deficit, arguing that raising them any further would be too harsh on current employees and prevent the city from recruiting and retaining staff. Former mayor Pat Fiacco insisted the move was meant as a way to force the 20 employee groups and multiple employer groups (civic employees, wastewater treatment plant employees, school board staff and others are part of the pension) to come to an agreement on substantive changes to the plan. The plan can't be altered unless all stakeholders unanimously agree to the changes, a consensus that has proven difficult to achieve in the past. Many involved in the plan insist the defined benefit structure needs to be shifted to the more common and more sustainable defined contribution structure to keep it alive.

The issues leading up to the dispute date back a number of decades. Up until 1974 the city operated the General Hospital Converse Navy

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