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Duty counsel Jennifer Tremblay Hall asked the judge to impose a $1,200 fine.

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Her readings were 220 and 210 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood.

very concerned about the carnage we've had on our highways and streets, Ontario Court Justice Nathalie Gregson said, pointing to a recent fatality in the community.

The Crown and defence counsel Gus Palombi jointly proposed the elevated fine.

Converse Glittery

endangered her young children's lives, her own life and everyone on the highway. told the judge she's sorry for what happened. taken every step to get better. agreed with the Crown and imposed a $2,000 penalty, despite the factors of the good things Conroy is doing.

Police located him on Queen Street East.

Evans was charged July 19 after his truck struck a parked car on Heath Road and damaged a fence on Bennett Boulevard.

His breathalyser tests recorded readings of 160 and 140 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood.

Evans' dangerous driving and the accident warranted an elevated penalty, Pascuzzi said.

Hefty fines for drinking and driving

Converse Glittery

Since she was charged Conroy has attended the detox centre, joined Alcoholics Anonymous and completed a 28 day treatment program, Tremblay Hall said.

At the police station, he admitted he had consumed six beer and a rum and coke, prosecutor Mary Pascuzzi said.

Pascuzzi called for a $2,000 fine, noting Conroy was travelling on the highway Converse Brown Boots

Converse Glittery

Converse Glittery

on a Saturday during a long weekend.

a wonder you didn't kill yourself or someone else, she told Evans. on July 6 about a vehicle southbound on Highway 17 in the Goulais River area.

Palombi asked the judge to give his client six months to pay because he is a third year Algoma University student, who only works part time.

The vehicle was all over the road and crossed the centre line six times, Pascuzzi said.

Converse Glittery

Converse Glittery

vehicles, two taking evasive actions, almost got hit by the vehicle, the assistant Crown attorney argued.

to pay more than the mandatory minimum penalty of $1,000, because of the circumstances surrounding their driving.

This incident her to take action and taken every step, the lawyer said.

Converse Glittery

When the OPP Converse Shoes Red High Tops

Converse Glittery

On two occasions, an coming vehicle had to pull over to avoid a collision, she said.

Converse Glittery

stopped Conroy, who had two small children in the back of the vehicle, she indicated she had had some wine earlier.

The Sault Converse Glittery Ste. Marie residents were first time offenders, who were ordered Converse Shoes For Girls High Cut Black

Converse Glittery

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