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"They think if they issue it that they will be offending the immigration refugee protection regulation, which I Black Converse High Tops Womens Cheap

The boy was her sister's seventh child. Recently widowed, the sister said she'd be hard pressed to care for the child and asked if Afridi could take him.

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After the meeting, Amirzadeh said they agreed that she would make a submission with new documentation from Pakistan that followed more of a Canadian format.

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She said she believes that the ministry has good intentions, but the lawyers have concerns.

"I wanted to bring to their attention that actually they are the ones that can make the decision. The concentration should be in what our ministry can do."

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The lawyer for a family trying to bring a little boy from Pakistan to Saskatoon says the province has the power to give the approval they need.

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disagree," Amirzadeh said, adding that other jurisdictions have issued non objection letters.

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if the appeal dies, the family will not be able to bring him under a sponsor application at all.

Amirzadeh travelled to Regina early this month to meet with Draude and lawyers for the province.

The family is currently in the appeal process, and Womens Converse Shoreline

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"I have finalized Sneakers Converse White my submission and will be sending it today. I really hope that the minister will take this very seriously and issue the no objection letter," said Haidah Amirzadeh.

Afridi and her husband got all the paperwork done to assume guardianship of the child in Pakistan back in 2010. But, when they tried to get the boy permanent residency in Canada, they were turned down by the federal government. The federal government said the Afridis would need a Letter of Non Objection from the Government of Saskatchewan in order to get the boy in.

The federal government banned adoption from Pakistan last July, so Converse Hi Tops Men

Last month, Services Minister June Draude said the province couldn't issue the letter because it is meant for inter country adoptions and this is a matter of a guardianship, not an adoption. She said the responsibility lies firmly in the hands of the federal government.

has power to approve Pakistani boy's arrival

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if this effort doesn't result in formal approval from the province, Amirzadeh says the situation doesn't look good.

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