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"He promised to be respectful and we got what we got," Brooks said. "These things happen and you can't stop them from happening."

Provenzano said that with the campaigns he's been involved in both at the federal and provincial levels the Liberal party has never sent a "mole" to campaign events.

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Harper's speech to the party faithful Converse Grey Pink said that if the Conservatives don't succeed in getting a majority, the Liberals will govern with a coalition "propped up by the socialists and the separatists."

comments were made as a ploy to determine public reaction on an election or whether Canadians want to see a Conservative majority after the next election.

He doubts whether the Converse Silver Hi Tops

"It was a Prime Minister reception hosted by the local Conservative association with a backdrop at the Canadian Heritage Bushplane Museum," he Converse White Womens High Tops

Mayor John Rowswell, who accompanied the Prime Minister throughout his visit, said he, too, wasn't surprised by Harper's comments but for different reasons.

After all, the Prime Minister was supposed to be speaking to his own followers, rallying his troops in case an election is called this fall, Martin said.

What was surprising to Martin was how the comments were captured at the event, forwarded to the Liberal Party and then to the national media.

said. "We were celebrating the fact he just gave us $44 million for the bridge plaza and the Sault has benefited very well from the stimulus program. The NDP didn't support the stimulus plan."

Provenzano said young Liberal Justin Tetreault, who has been identified as the person who shot the digital video, went to the event on his own accord, with an invitation in hand for the closed event.

Ted Brooks, one of the organizers of the Prime Minister's visit and local Conservative Association board member, said that Liberal Party member Justin Tetreault requested from Josh Pringle that he be included on the invite list.

Provenzano said the statement indicates Harper is not interested in working with elected Liberals to make the government work.

"They were realistic, honest and candid comments," he said.

Rowswell summarizes the Prime Minister's comments as saying it would not be the PM's choice to have an election, but if he was forced into one, he hopes for a majority Conservative government. If he's not successful, a Liberal minority could result in a coalition with the NDP and Bloc.

Statements made by Prime Minister Stephen Harper last week in Sault Ste. Marie that have garnered national media attention are being shrugged off by local Conservative supporters and the Sault's member of Parliament.

"What is this, espionage? It takes politics to another level that I don't think is helpful for Canadians," Martin said.

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"It's not a necessary strategy. I expect that when I hold public events anyone can attend and I would expect individuals of other camps to attend and I don't find that offensive or problematic in any way. I expect them to keep track of what I'm saying and respond to it," he said. "But I believe it's important to be up front about it and from my understanding, that's what Justin did."

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Converse Grey Pink

"We have a Prime Minister who is pretending he wants Parliament to work, but is an obstacle himself. He shows a distinct refusal to work with other elected members of Parliament and if he continues to refuse, Parliament will fall," Provenzano said.

Sault Ste. Marie Conservative Party Association president Josh Pringle did not return telephone calls Friday.

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"And I think we all know where Harper comes from and what his agenda is," Martin said. "We all know what he will do if the Conservatives get a majority government in the next election."

The now highly publicized video from Sault Ste. Marie's invitation only event with Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been aired nationally after Converse Purple High Tops

Rowswell said he doesn't believe it was Harper's intention to use the speech as an election rally.

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Sault MP Tony Martin said Harper's comments didn't come as a surprise to him.

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Harper's comments no shocker

Martin questions whether the next election is going to be focused on issues important to Canadians or whether it will "be a game of gottcha."

it was forwarded by the Liberal Party of Canada to national media.

Brooks said Tetreault has a collection of several prime ministers and national party leaders and wanted one of Harper.

"He was making a comment to his supporters and he got caught,"Martin said.

He noted that as the city's elected MP, he faced a barrage of questions to get him and his staff into the official funding announcement earlier that day.

Federal Liberal candidate Christian Provenzano said Harper's comments "clearly show there are two distinct sides to Stephen Harper, the private side that partisans see and the side he presents to Canadians."

The two had been schoolmates at Algoma University and Tetreault is a well known Liberal Party activist.

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"Justin is not a mole. He's one of the most well known young Liberals in not only Sault Ste. Marie, but around the country," he said.

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